Utah’s fattest and fittest cities by neighborhood, check your area’s rank

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SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Department of Health has just released new findings showing the fattest and fittest parts of Utah by neighborhood.

The numbers also show the areas where the most smokers live as well as the cities with the highest suicide rates, heart disease rates, the most prescription drug abuse and cancer deaths.


Salt Lake City (Glendale) had the highest proportion of adults 18 and older who smoke cigarettes every day or some days with 26.6 per 100,000.

American Fork/Alpine had the lowest at 3.3*.
*Insufficient number of cases to meet UDOH standards for data reliability, interpret with caution.


Magna and Kearns had the highest proportions of adults who are obese and Salt Lake City (The Avenues) had the lowest.


Grand/San Juan counties had the highest rate of suicides among people 10 and older (49.3 per 100,000 population).

Provo North/BYU had the lowest rate at 9.8* per 100,000 population.
*Insufficient number of cases to meet UDOH standards for data reliability, interpret with caution.

Prescription Drug Overdoses:

Carbon/Emery counties had the highest rate of prescription opioid deaths among adults 18 years and older at 37.8 per 100,000 population.

West Jordan West, Copperton had the lowest rate at 5.0* per 100,000 population.
*Insufficient number of cases to meet UDOH standards for data reliability, interpret with caution.

Cancer Deaths:

Kearns had the highest rate of death from all cancers with 166.6 per 100,000 people.

Orem West had the lowest rate at 92.4.

Heart Disease Deaths: 

Carbon/Emery counties had the highest number of deaths from cardiovascular disease with 219.6 per 100,000 people.

Salt Lake City (Foothill/U of U) had the rate at 89.6.

The health department’s report covers 17 different topics:

• Suicides
• Prescription Opioid Deaths
• Cancer Deaths
• Cardiovascular Disease Deaths
• Current Adult Cigarette Smokers
• Adult Secondhand Smoke Exposure
• Obese Adults
• Physically Active Adults
• Fall Hospitalizations, Ages 65+
• Infants Receiving First Trimester Prenatal Care
• Female Breast Cancer Screenings, Ages 40+
• Colon Cancer Screenings, Ages 50+
• Pre-diabetic Adults
• Adults Controlling High Blood Pressure
• Diabetic Adults Receiving Diabetes Education
• Asthma Emergency Department Visits
• Adults with Arthritis Limited by Arthritis

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UDOH officials said information from the report is being used to show links between risk and health issues across the state.

They said the results are helpful in determining health needs at the community level and targeting programs to those at greatest risk for injury and poor health.

UDOH epidemiologist Michael Friedrichs said, “The indicators were chosen because they relate to long-term health outcomes in our state’s chronic disease and health promotion plan and are critical to improving Utahns’ overall health.”

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