Voters fire questions at Mia Love during townhall meeting

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RIVERTON, Utah — With so many undecided voters, Mia Love is taking her message on the road.

The Republican candidate for the 4th congressional district held a town hall meeting in Riverton Tuesday night. Love said she feels good about her campaign and she’s having a lot more fun this time around. However she’s learned some valuable lessons after losing by just 768 votes two years ago to Congressman Jim Matheson.

“You never know what to expect. I’m ready to hear it all,” said Mia Love in an interview with FOX 13.

Love never really knows what she’s walking into when it’s a town hall meeting. Tuesday it was an intimate group of voters firing off questions about ISIS, national security, the budget deficit and health care.

“What are we going to do about Obamacare? I know there are people saying we should get rid of it, but what are we going to do about it? What do we replace it with? So that way it’s not just a no-no, but how do you actually fix these problems and what are the plans you have to solve problems out there,” Love said.

She hasn’t had it easy as a newcomer to the political playground. Her over-exposure and rise to stardom was fueled by then presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Super PACS poured millions into her campaign and questions about her immigrant parent’s story surfaced. That was two years ago. Now Democrats are using websites like to outline why people shouldn’t vote for her.

“This is not about who I’m running against. It’s about what I’m running for. I have made a pledge that I’m going to run a positive, issues-oriented campaign and I’ve done that,” Love said.

Her tag line has been: attacking problems, not people.

Love is running against Democrat Doug Owens. So far, polls have her ahead.

The next debate between Love and Owens will be on Oct. 14 at 6 p.m. at the University of Utah.


  • Bob

    Mia Love will be surfing on top of the rising wave of criticism over Obama and his bungling of domestic and foreign policy. Perhaps Doug Owens may want to ask Obama to come to Utah and campaign for him if he isn’t too busy playing golf.

  • Terry

    @Bob: There’s a huge difference between the type of candidates running in this race.

    The only time I’ve ever heard from Doug Owens was when he sent me a notice asking me to attend a fundraiser in Washington DC. The price of admission was outrageous; as I recall, you had to pay at least $1,000 to get in. I guess he’d rather spend time rubbing elbows with rich DC fat cats than meet with us lowly Utahns.

    I also frequently get notices from Mia Love, but they’re always invitations to free events that she’s holding throughout the district.

  • Jennifer

    So nice to see a representative out in the community and meeting with constituents. My current representative in Congress, Jim Matheson, refuses to hold town halls. Mia Love will be a refreshing change.

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