See where Utah ranks among top states with rudest drivers

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SALT LAKE CITY – Utah has ranked in the top 10 states with the rudest drivers.

Our state isn’t topping the list but is still gaining a reputation for attitude on the asphalt.Map of rude driving Insure com

Utah comes in at No. 10 on the list with motorists saying residents drive like they are in The Amazing Race.

Besides speeding, Utah drivers are also criticized for not signaling or allowing others to merge.

So what state earns the title of rudest drivers in the US?

Probably not the top 5 states you might pick.

No, not New York or California; it’s Utah’s close neighbor, Idaho.

Top 10 State With Rudest Drivers

10. Utah
9. Nevada
8. New Jersey
7. Delaware
6. Vermont
5. Massachusetts
4. Wyoming
3. New York
2. District of Columbia
1. Idaho

More: See the full study here


  • Matt

    Lived in the midwest, lived in UT for 10 years, and have lived in the northeast for the past 5 years. People in the NE may use the horn quicker, but they realize that we have to let people in or no one gets anywhere. There is a mutual understanding and yes you get the horn if you don’t get going, but it’s not personal. UT drivers would rather die than let someone else in. Would much rather drive in the NE than UT.

  • jenlindy73

    Don’t know if I agree. The people here may not use their blinker correctly, but they are not as impatient or have as much road rage as Californian drivers. I hate driving in that state. I had someone flip me off and honk because I was waiting for a mother with her stroller to cross the street at her right of way. That’s just one instance. I’ve had many other occurrences like that.

  • Cathy

    I kinda agree with this ranking. People drive in the fast lane not even going the speed limit, and will not change lanes to let you pass! Oh and the idiot light (turn signals) either don’t know how to use them, or don’t know how to turn them off. So you’re forever wondering if this person going to turn somewhere or not! Utahns do not let people merge into traffic, they don’t seem to know how! Yes I agree Utah drivers are so uncourteous it’s amazing to me that there are not more fatalities on our roads!

  • Kyle

    Unfortunately, this article has lied in some degree. The District of Columbia is not a state, contrary to popular belief. It is a district. Hence the name. Guess we’re all starting to forget little details about America, huh?

  • James Boyles

    Rudeness regardless of environment, social status or workplace position is learned behavior, it is not genetic. As children we learn from our parents and others older then us. Rudeness on the highway and road rage is a form of bullying. Those participating are wrapped up in their self importance and unwilling to cut anyboby else some slack especially if it interferes with their immediate objectives. Patience is forgotten attribute.

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