Josh Powell’s family appeals estate battle to Utah Supreme Court

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SALT LAKE CITY — The family of Josh Powell is appealing to the Utah Supreme Court in a multi-million dollar battle over the estate of missing mom Susan Cox Powell.

In a notice filed with the state’s top court and obtained by FOX 13, Josh Powell’s mother, Terrica, and sister, Alina, say they are appealing a judge’s ruling that gave control of Susan Cox Powell’s affairs to her father, Chuck Cox.

Read the notice of appeal here:

The estate battle centers around $2 million in insurance money. The Powell family was challenging decisions Cox made when he assumed control of Susan’s financial affairs after her disappearance in 2009 and Josh Powell’s death in 2012.

Cox effectively cut out the Powells from collecting any of that money. In his ruling, Judge L.A. Dever sided with Cox.

In July, the judge raised questions about whether Susan Cox Powell was still alive, as no one had declared her legally dead. She vanished from her West Valley City home in 2009 and has never been found.

Josh Powell, considered a suspect in her disappearance, killed himself and the couple’s children in 2012.



  • TN

    The Powell family have got to be THE SLIMIEST inhumane worthless pieces of flesh I have ever seen! Why in God’s name do they believe they deserve ANYTHING in regards to Susan and the boys? THEIR family member took All OF THEM from the Cox family. There is a special place in HELL waiting for the remaining family members, with the exception of the sister who estranged herself from this evil family!

  • Chris

    Why should Josh’s family get one nickel? They failed to protect the children from Josh, His father took pictures of Susan without her consent.

  • Linda Dorsey Bogner

    Do these people not have any self-respect? The dad is a perverted felon, their son and brother was a murderer of his wife and his children, and mom and sis think they should profit from the evil that has happened. Guess the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Disgusting and evil.

    • Trish Ramirez

      I feel so badly for that poor woman, her children, and her surviving family. Having to deal still with the moral-less vultures that apparently comprise the Powell family. That they would try to monetarily benefit at this point is beyond monstrous to any empathetic human being. With all of the details that have emerged, it is plausible that this insurance policy may be something that Josh was hoping to cash in on following Susan’s initial disappearance. After all of the horrors that have taken place at the hands of this family, you would think they would be happy to be fading into the background and to become non-entities in Cox’s lives. To think that they have the audacity to continue to harass the Cox family at this point is unfathomable. Hopefully the Utah Supreme Court will tell them what’s what. Disgusting.

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