Lunchroom employee speaks about investigation after lunches taken from students, thrown in trash

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A lunchroom employee who retired in the wake of controversy that arose after lunches were taken away from students and thrown in the trash due to insufficient funds in their lunch accounts is finally speaking up about the issue nearly 8 months later.

A report was released earlier this week, detailing the sequence of events that led up to 17 students at Uinta Elementary School having their lunches taken away from them and put in the trash. The students were given fruit and milk rather than a full lunch.

The report indicated that lunchroom employee Shirley Canham admitted to misdirecting money from some student accounts into other accounts of students who had insufficient funds as well as lying about having contacted parents regarding the deficient accounts.

Some parents of students at the school felt the report unfairly singled-out the employee, known as "Miss Shirley." Click here for details.

Canham finally broke her silence regarding the issue Friday, saying she accepts responsibility for her role in the incident but adding that she believes others are trying to dodge responsibility.

She specifically mentioned the school's principal: "I am so angry because it's Chelsea's school, Chelsea's students. Chelsea should have been in that lunch room the minute she heard that something was going down."

See the video above for more of Canham's comments on the issue.


  • Bulaia N. Ainokea

    Shirley, now the truth comes out. You lied to me, a friend, and now you lie about Chelsea, also my beloved friend. You told me as soon as she knew what was happening that day she rushed in and put a stop to this. Now I find out you were trying to use accounts as a slush fund—that is wrong. I know Kelly Orton was at the bottom of the issue of tossing the food, and that he should not have been the one to do the internal audit of this mess. Kelly Orton should be fired! But to try to blame Chelsea is a bald face lie, and you and me are no longer friends. I hate liars.

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