Bountiful police seek public’s help after 2 teen girls escape from alleged kidnappers

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BOUNTIFUL, Utah – Police are asking for the public’s help after two teen girls were abducted in the Bountiful area but managed to escape in Santaquin earlier this week.

According to a press release from the Bountiful Police Department, two juvenile females, ages 16 and 17, flagged down a vehicle on Main Street Tuesday and told the individual who stopped they had been abducted but had managed to escape.

The girls borrowed a phone and called 911, and when police responded they found the teens with minor injuries that did not require medical treatment. The release states investigators determined the girls were abducted in Bountiful around 2 a.m. Tuesday and held in a vehicle against their will.

The teens told police two male suspects forcefully abducted them and restrained them in the back of a red SUV, which they said was being driven by a female suspect. The girls were in the vehicle for 19 hours, but when the vehicle stopped in Santaquin, “One of the girls defeated her restraints then aided the second victim in escaping the SUV. The girls ran on foot passing several motorists who did not stop when the girls tried to flag them down.”

Bountiful police are asking anyone with information about the incident or the suspects, described below, to contact them. Tipsters should call Bountiful police at 801-298-6000.

"They did say there were several motorists that did not realize they were in distress and did not stop to help them when they tried to wave them down," said Lt. Dave Edwards of the Bountiful Police Department. "Those are the people we're interested in contacting that could help us find the route the girls took and try to lead us to where that vehicle was stopped in Santaquin."

The first suspect is described as a white male between the ages of 20 and 25 who has light brown hair, a slender build and a tattoo on his left arm. The man was described as being of medium height.

The second suspect is described as a white male between the ages of 30 and 35 who has dark brown hair, a medium build and is described as being tall.

The third suspect, who was reported to be driving, is described as a white female between the ages of 25 and 35. The woman had blonde hair, was heavy set and is described as being of medium height.

The vehicle is described as a red SUV or crossover of an unknown make and model.

FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


    • ruiva74

      Why would anyone want to mark the words of an idiot? Only an idiot makes up his/her mind without all of the information. Excuse me sir,,, your idiocy is showing…

      The police have witnesses of them being taken and being found. You come stand in their faces and call them liars. You come to the faces of the two girls who are bruised from head to toe and the one whose knife wounds will scar. (Not bad enough to need stitches but bad enough the tortured her.) You stand in the face of the two children who are not eating and not sleeping and jumping at every sound. You stair into their dead eyes with the black circles and come call them liars. You are not much better than the kidnappers because you choose to be hateful and victimize them a second time.Who the hell do you think you are? Must be nice to have your super know-it-all powers.

    • ruiva74

      What the hell is wrong with you for assuming they did???

      You judgmental people who are making up your mind without all of the details are not much better than the people who victimized the girls and their families to begin with. You could have chosen to be part of the problem or part of the solution and you chose to be part of the problem.

      Fox 13 is under reporting the story. The way a story is reported has everything to do with how the public perceives the event and the backlash against the victims. Fox 13 is going to have to drop a serious dime on some litigation if the situation is not immediately remedied to the satisfaction of the victim’s families. This is a promise- Fox 13 are you listening?

      However, it does not excuse ignorance of the commentators who are haters and judging without complete information. This is a second statement: You are victimizing the girls again. It is ignorant to make up your mind without all the details. Do you want to be ignorant? Do you want to show to the world how ignorant you are? You are showing hate. Do you really want to show your hate to two children and their families, The girls deserved to be grounded, not victimized.

      One more time- don’t tell me your kids never broke a rule. Don’t think you are better than everyone just because your kids didn’t happen to sneak out at night. Maybe they have (or will) and you didn’t know. Maybe they will do something worse. Do you want them picked up and beaten and abused for that? How would you feel if it happened? Don’t think that even if you pray or go to church or whatever (or not) of just because you think you taught your kids better that you are invincible. That is ignorant. Do you really want to call down the powers of the universe/God/Karma to teach you a lesson in humility? Even if you don’t believe in that– Do you really want to be a hater and keep victimizing these girls over and over?

      The victims and their families are reading this. Get a clue.

  • not_yours

    So we will have a follow up to this story and find that the girls were most likely partying and just didn’t want to get into trouble so they make up a story as such. Why didn’t the parents both mom and dad not notice a 16 YO and 17 YO missing for 19 hours? And neither of the girls had a cell phone attached to their hands? Something about this story just does not make sense? Why did it take so long for the police to release any information about this story to the public, wouldn’t they want the public to help? Each day that passes the more evidence is missed isn’t that correct? I mean if the police want the publics help wouldn’t they release the info when it happened? This story is very confusing. . .

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