3 fatal officer-involved shootings occur in Utah during 3-day span

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SALT LAKE CITY -- There were three crime scenes across the state in three days, all involving police officers who shot and killed their suspects.

“Shots were fired, multiple shots were fired. We have a confirmed deceased individual,” said Lt. Danielle Croyle of the Ogden Police Department on Tuesday.

Ogden officers shot and killed Christopher Roskelley, 38, after encountering him in a residential neighborhood. Police had been looking for Roskelley in connection with another shooting in the city.

Then, Wednesday, police cordoned off an entire shopping plaza in Saratoga Springs after officers shot and killed Darrien Hunt, 22, who they said was walking around town, carrying a samurai sword.

“There’s no blade on it. It’s just a rounded edge. It’d be like hitting someone with a stick. And they murdered him over it,” said Hunt’s aunt, Cindy Moss on Wednesday.

Moss said Friday she believes Hunt may have been shot because of his race.

"I cannot figure it out, all I can I even think of, because it looks so blatantly crazy, is that it's because he's black, he's half black," she said. "I can't figure anything else out."

See the video above for more of her comments on the shooting.

One day after that, Thursday, police in Washington County shot and killed Benjamin Schroff, 37, who had been on the run that day after allegedly robbing a bank and kidnapping two employees. According to authorities, Schroff fired at their cars as he fled, until he was eventually shot.

The investigations are still pending on the three cases. See the links below for information on the shootings:

Family of man fatally shot by police in Saratoga Springs looking for answers

Police identify bank robbery, kidnapping suspect officers shot in Washington County

Ogden Police ID man killed in officer-involved shooting


  • Bob

    By strange coincidence all three suspects were headed towards Bible school, and rumor has it the Pope was even considering them for sainthood.

    • natalie brother

      Really? How could u b so insensitive to people shot n being killed. This is why we have wars, violence, greed, ect, ect. Why dont u look in the mirror instead of making cracks at someones death. The order we need is not the order we have been enslaved into. Utah has got to b some of the most arrogant people n so quick to judge. No compassion or willingness to help. U like to sit and complain but dont wana take responsibility for ur world issues. The problem is all of us!

  • JT

    It’s really disheartening to see how people in Utah are so willing to accept killing because it an officer of the law. I thought we were innocent until proven guilty. There has got to be a better way. so many people are dying at the hands of police officers. Their job is not to make judgement. It is to protect and serve. They have a hard job. But they knew that when they signed up for it. If an officer has problems with judgement it should be investigated BEFORE there is a officer involved shooting. The First amendment gives us the right to first of all LIFE. Then LIBERTY. Then the pursuit of Happiness…BTW…we also have the right to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. I dont believe an officer of the law has the right to make judgement on whether I deserve to continue to live my life. I am sure he would not like me making the same decision on his behalf. The constitution provides us a jury of our peers to decide our fate. Not a trigger happy rookie that just got a little scared and made a rash decision. I dont think any of those men shot at the police before being killed. I may be wrong. But I just dont believe they deserved to die.

    • Bob

      All three were criminals… The police do not just go around shooting innocent people like the stupid people in the public want to think… Today there are three less losers on the street and society is three less criminals better… The justice system does not work to prevent these people from re-commiting, but a 9mm bullet sure does the trick. Keep defending loser scumbags…

      • donettajoy

        Ah. I love our bigots nowadays. They feel they can openly express themselves in public. It’s great. Keep talking. Soon, all moderates will recognize what they’re supporting. Obviously, you’re a back woods inbred red-blooded American conservative patriot. Time to shift, people. VOTE DEMOCRAT.

    • Bob

      I believe in equal opportunity JT. The drug dealers are busy killing each other early and often. Why shouldn’t the police get involved once in a while? It’s only fair.

    • steve

      You Bob have the anger issues and defiantly are not a christian. Three less losers? Did you know any of them? The one in Saratoga didn’t have a criminal history at all. You sir are an idiot and I am very happy to post this!

      • Bob

        Anger issues Steve? I knew none of the three deceased suspects and can therefore only be a spectator to the choices they made which lead to their deaths. These three suspects all had something in common: They worked hard to achieve the consequences of their actions.

      • Edward Newell

        Dream on Steve Utah County Jail records show that Hunt was booked on Jan. 5 on suspicion of numerous counts of assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Later he pleaded guilty in abeyance on one assault count, meaning it would not count as a conviction if he did not re-offend.

        Moss said it resulted from “a brother-and-sister thing” of siblings teasing and fighting with him, and him fighting back when some of their friends punched him.

      • Bob

        The idiots in this particular story are the three men who arrived at the Pearly Gates ahead of schedule and found them locked.

  • Howard

    Oh how I love the race card. Relatives of the deceased, did you ever consider that your Darrien may have been ordered to put down his sword? Can a police officer **safely** approach Darrien who is wielding a sword to see if it has a sharp edge? Can the police officer tell the strength of the sword just by looking at it? Does a police officer want to intentionally put himself in harm’s way just to check out the sword and Darrien’s intent? Does the police officer not have the right to safely go home at the end of his shift?
    Did Darrien in any way threaten the officers or bystanders? Was he out there at the mall acting crazy because he wanted to commit suicide by cop? Was he so impaired in judgement, and you conveniently chose to ignore it, that he left the house with a sword? What don’t you understand about carrying a sword in public is **always** going to attract someone to call the police at which point a confrontation will **always** occur?
    I find your playing the race card there Aunty, rather self-serving. Was your method a means of absolving you of any blame for not having sufficient good influence on Darrien that he should exercise a whole lot better judgment in his actions? I’d like to see the list of offenses against you and yours that reflect racial hatred towards you and yours. I’d like to see the police blotter that tells how many times police have come to your extended family’s residences and read about your intents and attitudes. What do you not understand about playing the race card as to how that just ticks people off and engenders hatred towards seemingly low-life people that just don’t meet standards of decency in society and professionalism in their jobs. Have to wonder, are you and yours standing around waiting for handouts and life to treat you fair while your family make no efforts to better yourselves or is the race card your only resource?
    Whatever, you played the race card now live with the results. You’ve marked yourself as someone whom the rest of us can’t trust. You just stereotyped yourself and your family.

    • Sterling Wulff

      Gee Howard, you speak with such “possibility” it’s like you were almost there at all three “police crime” scenes and now you puke up the race card. You sound pretty educated Howy.

      Police have “negotiators” to quell such encounters, but it seems here lately that the Utah police would opt to kill first and ask questions later. It’s ALL cover up, it’s ALL lies and it’s ALL corrupt

      Howy – YOU be the judge, how ’bout that ? You feel better now ?????

  • OP

    It’s sounds like these comments come from saints, it is always good to hear from people that are so free from issues within their own lives that they are able to pass such strong view points against others. Bravo gentleman, with the way you are passing judgement you must have kept the innocence you were born with.

    • Howard

      Well now, I was a police dept. volunteer who saw the grungy side of the public and their wonderful regard for police who interfered with “their rights” to act like fools, devils and idiots. I’m also a retired soldier and majored in political science. I also did military intelligence analysis at the Defense Intelligence Agency.
      I learned long ago to live a law-abiding life and have high expectations of myself and others. But yes, I’m a “saint” who in effect is still a sinner trying to work his way into heaven. So what is it you’re working on besides hating life and people that strive for that which is good? Have you given up on yourself and others so we just have to accept you as you are? Is that, in Army terms, “All you can be?” Oh wow!

    • jewlzzz

      Well now it sounds like you couldn’t pass the psych evals howie. And if anyone steroetyped themselves it was you, you garment wearing lack of intelligence dumb drooling with a stupid unaware of reality after birth…….

      • Bob

        You have some real hate issues JEWLZZZ that typically indicate an attempt to transfer inner anger onto others. May I suggest the Utah Pride Center’s new counseling and wellness clinic.

  • Lacey

    It is so hard to lose a love one no matter what there past. Too bad everyone has to give there two cents and can’t just say sorry RIP. I know when I lost my sis in 2010 everyone had to say something and it just makes it harder. If u don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing

    • Bob

      Lucky are the families of loved ones who made a positive difference in this world and who will be remembered by many upon their passing. It is sad when people chose a life of crime, end up in prison, and are quickly forgotten by all but their immediate families.

  • Karen

    It is sad that people make decisions that cost them their lives and the people left hurting have to blame someone. Thank you to the police officers out there putting their lives on the line every day to keep all of us safe.

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