Police confirm officers shot, killed 22-year-old man wielding sword in Saratoga Springs

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UPDATE: Police have identified the man who was shot and killed, and a friend of the deceased spoke out about the incident. Click here for the update.

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah - Authorities said the suspect police shot and killed in Saratoga Springs was a 22-year-old man wielding a sword.

Officials have not released the suspect's identity or any other information about him at this time.

Wednesday just before 10 a.m. police shot and killed a suspect they said they believed was armed.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office said the scene is contained and the investigation continues into what sparked the shooting near Panda Express and the Top Stop convenience store at 36 W. SR. 73 by 8570 N. and N. Redwood Rd.

Officials said four businesses in the area will remain closed however, traffic is not hindered.

Officials have not said how many people were involved.

Police have not confirmed what led to the shooting.

Check back with Fox 13 for the latest updates. 


  • Alex

    Apperantly he was brandishing a sword. If this is true WHY did they shoot him?! Are the officers by trained to disarm and detain?! What about a taser?! Or just gang up on him because everyone knows Saratoga springs has a very large police force for the size of the town. Literally. Drive through the crossroads an I promise you will always see 1-3 patrol cars just chilling. Excessive use of force.

    • Bob

      Attack a police officer with a deadly weapon and you’ve just used up all your chances. “Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people.” – ZiG Ziggler

    • mark


      You have no real idea as to size of the force or number of officers on duty. You also have no facts as to the event. You should really check your info before you start trying to inform the public.

      • Alex

        Dude…. I live at the crossroads. Next to the police station. I have a general understanding of how large the force is. I’m only fretting because I feel they could have brought the perpetrated down without use of lethal force. But again it’s my opinion I’m not trying to educate anyone

    • Bob

      Tasers are deployed to control unruly people they’re trying to arrest. If you threaten a cop with a sword you’re well beyond “arrest.” At that point the officer will act in self defense, just like any intelligent person would.

      Do you have any idea what cops get paid? Not nearly enough to risk their lives trying to “disarm” sword-wielding crazies. If you had a gun, and somebody threatened you with a sword, you’d shoot the guy. So would I. So would anyone who values his life. So why do you expect cops to die for $35K a year?

  • laytonian

    All the anti-police “experts” here have NO idea what happened. If he was threatening another person with the sword, it makes sense to save their life.
    How about all the know-it-alls here respond next time, and ask “pretty please, give me the sword”?

  • Charles potter

    Alex, you have to joking or stupid. A sword is something that s considered deadly. Deadly force is met with deadly force. So if someone came at you with a sword you or an officer on scene would need to disarm the guy instead of shooting him. That’s a special kind of stupid.

    • Alex

      The video Gregory posted is what I’m referring to. Two officers where placed on administrative leave. Meaning at the least two officers were present. It’s one thing if yes, the kid charged at the cops with a war scream., it’s another if he was just not cooperating. So over all further details need to come out. I just love putting my two sense out their being as I can literally see the crime scene from my house :P

      • Bob

        You living near the scene means nothing. You didn’t witness the incident. We’re all familiar with convenience stores, thank you very much.

  • Jason

    Gregory, I’m not sure what the purpose of that video was, it is irrelevant in this country. I guess you don’t value our freedom and the reason we broke from the UK to begin with. You can go back there if you want nobody will stop you. Posting a video like that makes me think you are a criminal and if you get in trouble you don’t want the police armed so that you can put up a good fight and get away with your crime. You also don’t obviously understand what OUR countries court systems have deemed excessive. A gun used against someone with a knife (or sword) is not excessive regardless of what you or anyone else here thinks because our Courts have shown what is acceptable. I find it ironic that many people who chant constitutional mantra’s don’t respect the very laws that the document was designed to create. Our educational systems need more funding or schools need to hand our q-tips so people will actually listen and pay attention to history, law and reason.

  • Fed Up

    That’s an excellent video Jason, he’s is one that would know, I learned much thank you, Alex and Gregory take the time to educate yourselves by watching this. Many times point and shoot is the answer.

  • Anti-Government

    Oh wow a cop shot and and killed yet another civilian probably for no reason as usual. Lets pay him to sit on his butt at home while this young mans family grieves over his death. I don’t know what it is with Utah cops. It is pretty sad when our police are more scary and threatening than the situations at hand.

  • Jane

    Near by we have several karate studios was he on his way to a karate class? They should first question the karate studios to see if he was on his way to class. Their was no reason for this man to be killed. It’s true what I read above of saratoga springs police they isn’t enough. But passing there I saw lehi police car. So who was really involved? They are trained to take you down in an attack but kill them that’s a no no. I’m hoping later on we get more info. What we should do it’s to pray for the family who lost their love one.

    • Bob

      Cops are trained to point at the center of mass and pull the trigger, which is how anyone is “trained” to use a handgun. You watch too much TV.

    • Travis

      So far we don’t know if he was fighting at the gunfight? No one said they were threatened or anything so it will be interesting to hear what he did to justify the cops shooting him.

  • wesley woodruff

    Yet another unjust shooting from salt lakes worstest. Less lethal would have worked but the officer involved is a f@$#king coward I don’t care if he puts his life on the line but obviously his brain was up his a55

    • Bob

      Typical response you’d expect from a loser that still lives with his mommy and who’s only weekly activity is a brief walk to the mailbox to pick up your welfare check.

  • jr fernandez

    There were ppl who recorded some of it, from the footage I saw, the guy was running from the cops, then they fired. You can see the man fall and hear a yelp kind of scream, it will be uploaded to YouTube. Not sure the police know some ppl had it recorded :p

  • ernie hemple

    The point isn’t if they were justified, the point is that the young man is dead. His family is devastated. I would feel better if they shot him in a non-fatal manner.

    • Bob

      The trick, ERNIE HEMPLE, is to get the suspect to hold real still long enough for you to take real good aim and shoot him in the arm, or maybe the knee. What planet are you from Ernie?

  • It's ME, deal with it

    On FB the police put , “all persons are innocent until proven guilty. This protection is extended to all persons, including cops.” Did the cops consider this when they shot him in the back. If he was trying to run away what is the threat that required shotting him. I see it as a coward’s way out. The cops need to be properly trained on when to shoot. It is clear that these two cops are not qualified to carry a gun. And not in the right mental capasity to react to this lack of a threat. Again these two cops are cowards and now on paid vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    haha and carrying around a samurai sword early hours in the morning scary the public & then fleeing from police when approached is a inconceivable reason not to get shot?

    Remember, the public called the police on this man fearful that he may hurt someone. Toy or not, it’s a sword either way.

    What the heck is a grown man walking around with a “toy” in the early hours of the morning. Was he going to commit a robbery… murder?

    I see a few different laws broken by this grown man. Disturbing the Peace, Brandishing a Weapon, Interfering with a Police Investigation, fleeing/evading.

    For all we know he would’ve ran off and started sticking people with that “toy” samurai sword. Toy or not, you can still STICK someone with those things. Clean through.

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