Video: Flash flooding sends man and van down into ravine

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WARNING: Video contains images and language that may not be suitable for all audiences. 

Update: The couple inside the van talked about their experience after being swept away in the flash flood.

They were reunited at a shelter after the incident and weren’t seriously injured.

The man who you see jump into the water to try to help them suffered a broken arm and is home recovering.

LAS VEGAS – Flooding in southern Utah and the surrounding areas has closed highways, washed away roads and sent large boulders rolling across streets.

A Fox 13 viewer sent us video of the flooding on I-15 about 30 miles north of Las Vegas.

According to the description on YouTube from Shane Dukeman, at 1:37 into the video you see a man jumping to the van.

Then at 1:47 the person appears to be sucked under the van and then seconds later they appear to go down into the ravine with the van.

Fox 13 checked with the Nevada Department of Public Safety and no deaths have been reported from the flooding at this time.

We have not been able to reach friends or family to confirm the man’s condition.

This story will be updated as soon as more information is available. 


  • Heidi Walls

    where is the van ? did not see much accept the flooding waters. And with the shaking of the camera and the wipers it is hard to see anything.

  • trevor

    Not a good idea to jump into a flood area. That water will pull your feet out from under you no matter how strong you think you are.

  • Susan Porter

    I grew up in Overton, NV (Moapa Valley) and could NOT believe the amount of rain and damage done!!! Think this video may be the turn-off to Overton, Logandale (Moapa Valley). Just incredible. We got rain soooo seldom and certainly nothing like this. Someone called this the 1000 yr storm I believe it.

  • Leiloni

    How rude of you. Troy! Seriously. You obviously have no confidence in yourself to respect others. You are nothing but a bully. You are calling a stranger an idiot for a perfectly logical question. You are the idiot that needs some proper educates and learn to keep your mouth shut if you dont have anything possitive to say. Just dont comment. Guess I will be seeing you on “What would you do” obviously I would do this. Good luck with your sour attitude thru life.

    • FK

      Perhaps Troy’s response was a bit snarky, but he did not call anyone an idiot, and what he said about the person not watching the whole video is obviously true. In any case, for future reference for anyone reading, the write-up actually tells you when in the video you start to see the van. This is done often often in cases when videos are posted that have something “story worthy” that doesn’t appear until sometime after the beginning of said video.

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