Utah Dems take aim at Mia Love on new website

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah Democrats are taking aim at one of the Republican Party's most polarizing candidates.

Mia Love is being blasted on a new website that claims she's too extreme.

The website is www.noloveformia.com. The site is paid for by Utah Democrats who claim the site is merely a way to educate voters -- but her campaign calls it a desperate attempt by democrats who know their candidate will lose to her come Election Day.

"She's really a very polarizing figure in politics," said Matt Lyon, the executive director of the Utah Democratic Party.

Utah Democrats who are behind the new website don't shy away from spelling out how they feel about the Republican candidate who is running for the 4th Congressional District against Doug Owens.

The site says "her inexperience would cost us!" and "Mia Love is too extreme for students, families, taxpayers and seniors."

"There has been a whole history of statements that she has made on her campaigns, that are too far and too extreme for Utah voters," Lyon said.

The democrats who are soliciting donations on this new website, claim Love would eliminate The Department of Education, tax the middle class more and cut benefits to senior citizens.

Love’s campaign manager, Dave Hansen, said the website is a desperate attempt by the democrats to attack Love in hopes of scaring Utah voters away.

"She's popular. She's known. People like her, let's see what we can do to destroy her," Hansen said. "They're using information from the 2012 campaign, which was false then and it's false again this time around. The whole idea for them is to see if they can scare people about Mia Love.”

Lyon said there’s nothing on the website that attacks Love’s character. It’s all about issues and positions she has taken that they think matter to Utahns.

Hansen said the creation of the website is a perfect example of why people don’t like Washington D.C.

“This is an example of what causes the dysfunction in Washington where people are just slashing and burning -- and that's exactly what it is," Hansen said.

Love's campaign has raised more than $2.8 million so far for the Nov. 4 election. Owens has raised about $300,000.

Love's campaign is releasing new television commercials next Monday, spending about $400,000 on TV ads alone. Owens' campaign will also be airing their own ads, but not until a week after Love's ads begin airing. His campaign calls it strategic, not a delay. They are spending around $280,000 on overall campaign advertising.


  • Josh

    Mia Love is “too extreme” for Utah, according to Democrat Party operative Matt Lyon? Ha! That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

    If Mr. Lyon (great last name for a Democrat) is so concerned about “extremism,” he ought to take a look at Ms. Love’s Democrat opponent, who wants to keep Obamacare and refuses to answer repeated emails about how exactly he’ll address the massive debt and deficit facing America. Contrast that with Ms. Love, who has promptly answered every question I’ve ever sent her.

    The choice is clear in this case: Mia Love is ready to lead. Mr. Owens is not, and the few positions he’s taken a stance on shows that he’s the extreme candidate in this race.

  • ModerationInAll

    I find this kind of negative campaigning by the Democrats to be a huge turnoff. Don’t tell me about the other candidate; tell me about YOUR candidate.

  • Bob

    Perhaps Doug Owens can get Obama to come to Utah and campaign for him. It would help remind us why we’re going to vote for Mia Love.

  • senior74

    Mia Love is about maintaining our countries constitution, which Washington is pushing to turn over to the UN! The excuse of global warming that Obama is pushing is to implement UN sustainable development Agenda 21, which no one talks about but when totally implemented will make the US part of a communist one world. It’s about equality (share the wealth), environment (get humans off the land & into cities) & economy (no private business) Good source of info is democratsagainstunagenda21.com Even the liberals are against this when they find out about this.

  • Cupcakes

    There is no way I could ever vote for the son of Wayne Owens, who was a far-left liberal and radical environmentalist. I have no problem voting for Democrats, but this year my vote is firmly with Mia Love.

  • Michael Waggoner

    I would suggest that you not describe Ms. Love as “polarizing,” unless that is your own conclusion. My guess is that the Democrats are describing her as polarizing, and your station may of course attribute this label to them, but please do not use a party’s labels without attribution unless you have yourselves determined that such labels are appropriate.

  • Daisuke

    From the site “Her extreme position threatens Utah’s economy and takes away funding from Utah’s education system. Mia Love’s plan for education would:”

    Actually, Utah’s economy was much better off before federal public education, so was Utah’s education, Utah had a surplus of money saved to pay for education for the next 10 years before the federal government took it over, and forced Utah into the federal program, even after Utah said they wanted nothing to do with it, because they knew there would be “strings attached”.

    “- Cut over $100 Million from Utah’s schools” They don’t understand that we the people first have to pay that $100 million to the federal government in the first place, all Mia Love wants to do is keep that $100 million to begin with and the state would more effectively run their own education system.

    “- Eliminate funding for teachers and math and science education” Once again, same as my previous explanation, that funding wouldn’t be “cut” it would just be paid for by the state.

    “- Undermine special education programs for Utah students” This is all it says for this one, how exactly, well we wouldn’t want to go into details now would we?

    So far the only thing extreme here are extreme lies and deception.

    “- 75% of Utah’s college students would have a harder time paying for school.” Well this is just very subjective and I would argue it wouldn’t be so hard to pay for college if the government hadn’t exploded the costs of attending college in the first place with all of their programs, thus making it harder to pay for college. They use the problem they created as an excuse to keep the problem going.

    “- 84,601 Utahns would not have access to affordable healthcare” Yeah, because it’s so affordable with the Affordable care act right?

    “- $6.4 million in research, planning, and information technology grants would be pulled from Utah’s economy” Didn’t I say something about “strings attached”? Utah would have this 6.4 million dollars to spend in the first place, if the federal government wasn’t talking it first, there is much more on the site, but I could make many of the same arguments I have already to many of their other points.

    The problem with this way of thinking, is liberals think that we need the federal government to fund and pay for everything, and that if they don’t, we won’t be able to pay for it, what they don’t realize is if the federal government wasn’t talking all of our money to begin with, we would easily be able to pay for all of this ourselves.

    Utah paid $17 1/2 billion, or more exact $17,658,000,000 in federal taxes last year, they got back $11 1/2 billion, or more exact $11,713,000,000 in federal money, that’s a difference of almost $6 billion or once again to be more exact a loss of $5,945,000,000. If I were to take the opposite view of democrats however, I could argue that if the federal government didn’t take the money to begin with, Utah would have $17 1/2 billion extra to spend.

    If this is the stance they are going to take, then I’d have to assume I could effectively and logically argue that the democrats take $17 1/2 Billion away from Utah’s education, health, colleges and communities to begin with.

  • Jennifer

    The Democrats are obviously desperate and trying to distract from their failure of leadership in Washington, DC. Mia Love isn’t what’s wrong with the federal government. In fact, we need more people like her in Congress if we’re ever going to get this country back on the right course.

  • Mary Theresa Del Buono

    I have seen her…heard her…she knows her stuff…Washington DC go home…see the people in Utah don’t want your mess in their state…sad that we all have to do this…common core will hurt all of our kids too…

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