Ogden Police ID man killed in officer-involved shooting

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OGDEN, Utah -- One person is dead after an officer-involved shooting occurred in Ogden Tuesday afternoon, according to Ogden police.

Courtesy of Babette Nelson

Courtesy of Babette Nelson

Police have identified the man as 38-year-old Christopher Roskelley.

The shooting happened near 150 North Harrison Boulevard, just before 5 p.m.

According to Lt. Danielle Croyle, members of the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force were in the area searching for a suspect related to another case.

"They were conducting an investigation, following up on an investigation," Croyle said.

The investigation stemmed from a shooting on Sept. 4 where a man was shot in a parking lot outside a Rite Aid store, leaving him in critical condition.

On Tuesday, they received a tip providing the whereabouts of a person of interest in the case.

However, when the man arrived to the neighborhood where authorities were searching, the shooting began.

"Shots were fired -- multiple shots were fired," Croyle said.

Roskelley was shot and killed. There were no other injuries reported.

"I thought I heard a couple of shots, I wasn't sure. But then I heard a whole bunch of sirens," said Donna Buchanan, who lives a couple blocks down the street.

The Weber County District Attorney's office is conducting an independent investigation into the shooting, as protocol requires in an officer-involved shooting.


  • JustSomeGuy801

    It’s interesting looking at statics, not of only our own country but those of others.
    Murder rates pre-prohibition (1920’s) were very low, the legalize booze it spikes. Booze becomes legal again, it begins to drop until the war on drugs. Then the murder rate spikes again, and it has been on incline since.

    Drug usage rates have gone down in countries that have legalized or made tolerant, all drugs. It is interesting how it works I know. You make it legal and usage rates go down. So I am curious why with these statistics we are still fighting this war on drugs. It seems more like a war on our own people, that have an addiction problem and need help not incarnation or in this case death. Do some research. It will surprise you.

  • Frances White

    This “story” doesn’t tell more than they blew the man away for no cause. As far as we know, they just fired on and murdered a man for driving into the area they just were searching for an “unrelated” crime.

  • JamJam

    Whatever choices Mr. Roskelley made in his life, good or bad, he was still a human being. He was someone’s beloved child. Someone’s best friend. Someone’s world. Go gently here, people.
    Also, keep in mind that the police are not actually giving any information in EITHER case. For all we know, Mr. Roskelley is innocent. He was never properly accused, found guilty or sentenced to shooting anyone. There’s been no mention (that I know) of Mr. Roskelley even being armed at the time he was shot and killed. Could have been a trigger-jumpy officer that killed Mr. Roskelley. Only he, his passenger and the police know. From what I understand, the police have yet to even properly notify his family. How is that possible?? Cover up, perhaps??
    Just saying, have an open mind and don’t believe everything you hear on the news.
    God bless and rest in peace, Mr. Roskelley.

    • JamJam

      Found article stating that he “had a weapon on him”. Though they’re not officially saying whether or not he pulled the weapon or threatened police. An important piece of the puzzle to exclude. Still, he was armed. Very unfortunate. I wish peace for his family.

      • Bob

        “Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people.” – Zig Zigler
        Perhaps the police didn’t blow “the man away for no cause” as FRANCES WHITE suggested.

  • Grngagirl

    Some of you should take a chill pill, Jesus! Get all the facts and I’m sorry if some of you think cops are just out to kill or everything is a cover up? What if this was in your neighborhood? What if it was you on the other side and had to make that decision? Ogden never changes. There are drug problems there are gang problems . Wake up! People live in reality.

  • jenniferpeterson

    Chris Roskelly was my friend. He was the sound guy at our church. He did the music for my wedding. No one knows exactly what transpired. We just know that he was killed. Sometimes life takes you in directions that no one would truly want for themselves. So please dont judge. R.I.P. my friend

  • Richard Fitzwell

    Seems the crooked OPD seem to get involved in a great deal of lethal shootouts, if it’s not for illegally searching some guys house for a couple of pot plants, its kicking in a Roy mans front door and shooting him dead as he stands there with a golf club in hand (watch it on youtube for yourself)theres one thing we can all be sure of, it doesn’t matter cause they will keep doing it, and keep getting away with it, even if every once in awhile, one of the shootings is actually justified, they need to be cleaned out from top to bottom, just like the crooked west valley cops were.

  • Jennifer Snow

    I was just thinking about what amazing justice we have here in Utah, they can’t arrest obvious killers like josh powell, but they’ll send in their goon squads over a whiff of smoke! simply amazing! Rip veteran Matthew Stewart – slaughtered in Utah for self medicating on God’s green HERB!

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