NFL punter has hilarious reaction to getting kicked in the face

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Punters are used to kicking things, but on Sunday Cleveland Browns Punter Spencer Lanning took a kick to the face from Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers–who appeared to be attempting to hurdle over Lanning while carrying the ball.

Video and photos of the moment went viral online, and even Lanning himself joined the social media jesting. See the tweet below for his hilarious response to the incident, and check out the Vine clip underneath the tweet for a slow motion loop of the kick.

SB Nation reports Brown was called for unnecessary roughness on the play.


  • Jeff

    Definitely deliberate. you can see the force he puts into the helmet. He should be removed from the NFL forever. Low life scum is what he is. Time to make him an example of what is not acceptable in pro sports.

  • Caliban

    Difference between NFL and English Football, when Cantona did this he kicked a fan, definitley deliberate but at the same time these guys are highly charged at the point in the game that this happened, sometimes bad decisions happen but that is no reason to remove the guy from the NFL. nobody got hurt, nobodys butt hurt so maybe they should just let it go, suspend the guy, maybe bench him for the season or something but life time ban, no

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