Drew Carey calls Ice Bucket Challenge bullying case ‘horrendous’, offers $10k donation

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BAY VILLAGE, Ohio – Actor Drew Carey expressed outrage and has pledged $10,000 as a reward or donation after a teenager with autism who thought he was doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was instead doused with human waste and trash by teens who thought it would be funny.

The teens reportedly filled a bucket with feces, urine and cigarette butts and dumped it on the head of a teen who has autism who had wanted to participate in the challenge that took the online world by storm. The family made the story public in the hopes it would raise awareness of bullying and the problems it presents.

The story caught the attention of Drew Carey, who is from Cleveland Ohio, and Carey responded on Twitter with “WTF? Just saw this. Horrendous. These kids should be arrested and expelled.” The tweet accompanied a story regarding the bullying incident.

Carey also offered $10,000 toward a reward fund or as a donation to Autism Speaks, see the tweets below for his comments.

Click here for more on bullying incident that sparked the outrage.

FOX 13 News sister station FOX 8 in Cleveland has much more on the story and the community’s reaction to the incident, click here for their coverage.


  • Eleanor

    What kind of parents raise young people to believe that this kind of behavior is ok? Sure hope they find those students soon and that they get the punishment they deserve!

    • Aheila

      No parent raises their kid to think this behavior is okay. Kids have minds of their own and they push boundaries as far as they possibly can. Please don’t blame parents automatically.

  • Luana Mills

    Those dirty rotten minded little pigs. I am so sorry for what happened to that young man.
    That surely deserves punishment and restitution to the victim for extreme “pain and suffering” to have to undergo such abuse. GOD bless Drew Carey for his kindness and support for Autism.

  • bob

    My son is autistic. If Mr. Carey’s money can find them, I volunteer to hold their heads in a bucket of s h i t until the bubbles stop coming up. Vermin like that need to be exterminated before they breed.

  • No justice

    I feel so bad for that young man, this will follow him for the rest of his life. The sad thing is, nothing will happen to the a**holes because there’re juveniles… little bit of no no no and they will move on to victimize another person, meanwhile the young man gets a life sentence. Sounds fair to me.

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