LDS missionary in critical condition after car crash in Australia, officials say

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is in critical condition after she was hit by a car near Canberra, Australia Friday.

Sister Kendal Briquel Levine, 20, of Hauula, Hawaii, was getting into a car when she was struck by another vehicle, according to a statement from the LDS Church.

Levine is serving a mission in the Australia Sydney South mission.

Church officials confirm Levine has Utah ties.


    • bobsanidiot

      Because mormons are not humans, they are angels and don’t even have bowel movements. Something I’m sure the utah mormon managed media would also report on. Fox u suk…..

      • Bob

        The Utah Pride Center just opened a new counseling and wellness clinic. They can help you work through your irrational hate, immaturity, and self-loathing. :)

      • Bob is a troll

        Bob, I am going to create a center to unprogram LDS like yourself… You people are so wrapped up in yourseelfs, you do not even know what reality is… All of you think you are perfect and can do no wrong… This person is not even from Utah, why it is on LOCAL news??? How many non-LDS Utah people were hurt today that did not get air time… Also, that “pride center” comeback is a little old, time for a new one old man…

      • Bob

        BOB IS A TROLL – Seriously Bob (or whatever alias makes you feel safe), the Utah Pride Center’s new counseling and wellness clinic was intended to help those like yourself who are fixated on bowel movements. :)

  • Bob

    It would be super great if the whole lot of them would just die and stop spreading their lies in order to rip people off.

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