Crowds of cosplayers make Salt Lake Comic Con most-attended convention in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY -- As was predicted, Saturday proved to be the busiest in Salt Lake Comic Con history, with a line that wrapped around the entire Salt Palace by the 10 a.m. opening.

“The other two days I was in line for an hour and Thursday in line for three hours,” said Layton resident Ryan Bielik.

Convention goers logged serious hours in line Saturday, but what’s a few hours in line when you spent days working on your costume?

Salt Lake resident David Harrsion was one cosplayer who combined genres.

“Came up with the idea for Jack Frost and Elsa, then we decided to steampunk them to make them a little more original,” he said.

In just its second year, Salt Lake Comic Con is the third biggest convention of its kind in the country, according to their website. San Diego is the biggest and New York is number two.

In Utah, Outdoor Retailer conventions still brings in more money, but more people attend comic con.

“I think Salt Lake just has a really strong nerd base,” Harrison said. “Salt Lake’s market is just huge. There’s a lot of people here that are just huge into comic books. They are third in the nation for movie development, game development. So I feel like the city is prime for this type of event where you bring in pop culture and comic book culture as well.”

The convention offers celebrity meet and greets, a variety of vendors--and if you didn’t plan ahead and bring a costume, booths like locally owned Game Haven have you covered.

“We’re just having a blast,” Game Haven owner Jonathan Rhoads said. “Everyone is having fun taking pictures with our 3D back drop,”

Sgt. First Class Nichole Bonham took a lot of pictures as well, but they weren’t of herself.

She made paper cut-outs of her fellow Utah soldiers who are currently serving in Afghanistan and asked people to pose with the real life heroes.

“They aren’t able to be here obviously, but I know many of them would have wanted to come so I made paper dolls of all of them,” she said.

“There’s a lot of people watching here, really fun,” Bielik said. “Seeing people in costume, meeting the celebrities, the panels they have. There’s a lot of stuff to buy here. It’s got a good crowd, enthusiasm--it’s a fun crowd.”

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  • Shawn

    So I went there mainly to see Lou Ferrigno “The Hulk”. Loved him since I was a kid…. He showed up late, left early, played on his cell phone and charged me $40.00 for a cheap Polaroid! YES A POLAROID!!! (DO THEY EVEN MAKE THOSE ANYMORE)? And his “rep” made others turn there phones off so no other pics would be taken! Needless to say the rep for an actor next booth over said how pathetic!!! Childhood hero lost!!!!!

    • Jana

      He was here last year and a giant jackass then also! I can’t believe after all the trash talk of his less than gracious attitude last year they even bothered to bring him back. He was so rude to many of his fans.Kevin Sorbo was also disenchanting. .

  • Leon

    I went with my kids. We got in line at 11:30am we did not go in till 2:30pm. I purchased my tickets on line. The VIP had long wait also so I personally think it’s overrated a big comic con joke.

  • sascsadi

    Lines are to be expected with any amount of turnout. Would you rather a free for all? Come on, lets be real. If people didn’t wait in lines there would be no order at all, fights would break out. No matter if it is 1000 people or 100,000 people you will be in a line at some point. Be thankful you were able to be in line with 1/2 decent people instead of some of the ruder places and people. It was a huge success and for the growing pains they have done an outstanding job. How many places can bring in the names they have on 1st or 2nd year? Lack of planing on the attendees part do not equate to failure on the promoters part.

  • londi1tagaholy

    okay ive been to SDCC and spent 2 whole days at the con and still wanting more because the activities are overwhelming.. SLC on saturday not so much probably 2 hours taps. it was a big joke honestly, presence of photo ops is huge wherein u pay for autograph! in sdcc they have maybe 2 tables because huge vendors and artist was also present. No big network present also is a big minus like amc, abc, and wb where u can get FREE autograph. main toy players and exclusives are non existance like funko, mattel, real lego booth, hasbro and starwars. Also disappointed that some premier cosplayer has booth and requires payment for photo wherein is sdcc theyre just regular attendees and anyone can take photos with them. Its really not comparable. If u want real con go to San Diego. Ive been to both cons this year.. apples and oranges period.

    Ps. Merchant point of view. SLCC is disappointed. No exclusive stuff u can buy and resale later wherein sdcc stuff skyrocketed after the con.

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