Utah polygamous church leader dies

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Lamoine Jenson

BLUFFDALE — The leader of one of Utah’s largest polygamous churches has died.

Lamoine Jenson, the leader of the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) passed away on Tuesday after a battle with colon cancer. He was 79.

“He was probably one of the kindest, gentlest… a very unassuming man,” a church representative told FOX 13, confirming the death. “He was a tremendous leader. He will be greatly missed by many.”

An obituary from the church sent to FOX 13 did not state whether Jenson was a polygamist, but said he was survived by two brothers, one sister and “a large family.” Funeral services were scheduled for Sunday.

The AUB has already named a successor: Lynn A. Thompson, who has served on the church’s priesthood council.

The AUB, based in Bluffdale, is the second-largest fundamentalist Mormon church in Utah, according to an unofficial census kept by the pro-polygamy group Principle Voices. The group estimates membership around 7,500.

The group has been known for its openness about fundamentalist Mormonism and polygamy, speaking to reporters about its beliefs — including support for decriminalization of plural marriage.

Most recently, Kody Brown and his wives — who have been members of the church — won a lawsuit against the state of Utah over its ban on polygamy. A federal judge struck down the cohabitation prong of Utah’s anti-bigamy laws, although attorney general Sean Reyes has said he would appeal.


  • somethingisnotrightwiththis

    Why all of a sudden are polygamist churches being reported on as if they are just another “church”? Since when is a polygamist “church” okay and the fact they are polygamists not a problem? Polygamy is illegal and many polygamists are pedophiles marrying young under age girls. This is shocking.

    • dave

      i would imagine if there were evidence they were marring children than they would act on it. that and when it comes to polygamy they may be just saying they are polygamists but they may be only married in there own beliefs but not in any legal way, which makes sense why they fought for cohabitation

    • Hall Monitor

      Could you then please explain, while you are at it, why all the pedophilia, adultery, (you claim, is all Plural Marriage is about) as well as SRA, etc. is tolerated so well in the mainstream LDS Church?
      Thank you very much, in advance, for your public reply.

    • Student

      This is the AUB, from my understanding, they are not at all affiliated with the church of Warren Jeffs (AKA the FLDS). If you’ve seen the show “Sister Wives” they go into more detail about the differences. Not that I support polygamy, I’m just saying there’s a BIG difference. As in, no child bride or other crazy rituals/cult like activity.

    • Jensen

      This group doesn’t tolerate under age brides or abuse. Anyone found to be doing such is kicked out and reported to the police. I have friends that belong to this group and they are good people not like the FLDS of Warren Jeffs.

    • Matt

      They don’t abuse anyone. I live in Tucson and went to the AUB for a few weeks. They are a very normal group. In fact after college I am moving and am going to attend and become a member.

  • Matt

    RIP to him. I didn’t know him, I have gone to the AUB for a few weeks while up in Utah. He sounded like a great man.

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