Lagoon’s new roller coaster is out for blood, Cannibal coming soon

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FARMINGTON, Utah — Lagoon's new mystery ride is out for blood; "Cannibal" is coming soon to an amusement park near you.

The massive construction project has been taking shape in the north end of the park in Farmington.

It now has a face and name, "Cannibal" is expected for the 2015 season.

Riders will be lifted 208 feet on a vertical lift and plunge into a free fall at a break-over angle of 116 degrees into an underground tunnel.

Officials said the project has been in the planning stages for years and has been under construction for about two years.

Park management is expected releasing more details which will be added as soon as they are announced.

Sneak Peek: Photos show new Lagoon mystery ride progress


  • trevor

    Haven’t been to Lagoon for years. Way too crowded and expensive. The lines are really long and people get angry easily.

  • Kevin

    What an excited addition to Lagoon! This is easily one of the most overlooked parks in the country… Looks like I need to go out there in 2015!

  • Tim

    Can someone please post a link to the video that doesn’t require me to download yet another app to watch it? C’mon, Fox13. Embed that video. Don’t make me have to download the ‘hook video player’ to watch it.

  • kris

    So excited for this new coaster, lagoon is a great family park as for the price well having gone to disney its very competitive for what they offer and to the people who tbink its too e pensive. What do you do for fun zit and home and watchcable tv whicb by tbe way costs more then a lagoon pass. Thumbs up to lagoon

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