Social media posts raise questions about mother accused of throwing out newborn

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KEARNS, Utah – It has been three days since a Kearns woman was arrested for allegedly dumping her newborn baby in a neighbor’s garbage can.

Officials said Friday the infant was now in critical but stable condition. The child was previously in critical condition.

Some of Englert’s cousins are starting a fundraiser to make sure the baby can be taken care of when, as they put it, she’s released from the hospital.

The fundraiser is Saturday and Sunday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at West View Park in West Valley City.

You can also make a donation to the “Starving for a Miracle” account at any Wells Fargo bank.

The suspect, 23-year-old Alicia Englert, is in jail on a $250,000 bail with a deadline quickly approaching to file charges or apply for an extension.

Meanwhile, social media posts are raising some questions about Alicia.

Englert’s father, Robert,  said the family had no idea she was pregnant Tuesday.

He also told Fox 13 his daughter has a learning disability, that her reading and comprehension skills are at a third grade level.

However, detectives said they have no medical documents indicating  Englert has any diminished mental capacity.

Authorities are also reviewing photos of Alicia found online that appear to show her pregnant and out drinking with friends. FOX 13 News has also obtained photos that appear to show Englert partying in night clubs within the last few months, potentially within the same window of time that she was pregnant with the child she is now accused of trying to kill.

She maintained a profile on a dating website complete with several selfies where she describes herself saying:

hi my name is alicia im 23 years old I work full time I have brown hair im 5'1 I have no kids I do drink but only on the weekends I have my own car I still live with my mom and dad for now!!! if you want to know more just ask ;)


Facebook users who claim they know Alicia or have worked with her are speaking out.

Many those who posted on the Fox 13 Facebook page state they don't believe she has severe learning disabilities because she had a driver's license, drove her own car, was normal at work and "partied a lot."

Other posters who claim to know Alicia said it was obvious she was pregnant.

One commenter said she asked Alicia when she was due, noting her baby bump, and Alicia allegedly replied, "In August."

The comments are all just social media fodder at this point and there is no telling how much of a role it will play in the investigation.

"Just like any case, we take the evidence we can get, we evaluate it and see if it's pertinent to the case or not," Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal said. "Then ultimately those findings get presented to the district attorney's office and the case gets prepared for charges and ultimately for the court process."

Fox 13's Scott McKane spoke with Alicia's father, Robert, again Friday morning.

He maintained that his daughter has a severe learning disability and the family was unaware she was pregnant.

Robert also said he and the family hope to be able to visit Alicia soon in jail.


  • californiadreamin

    This girl worked at local rental car company, you can’t tell me she didn’t know how to write or read on a third grade level while working there. She sure didn’t have any of those issues while driving their cars to pick up customers. Mentally slow sure but disabled hardly not. Just this past January she was engaged to be married. From the picture she clearly looks pregnant so for her parents to say she gained weight and didn’t know she was pregnant is baffling I hope that little girl is placed with a loving family and Alicia gets the help she needs!!

  • Sue Brown

    Reading and writing at a third grade level doesn’t make someone mentally disabled and unable to to acknowledge their actions. My mother could only read at that level for many years, because of an undiagnosed learning disability, They didn’t know about those in the 1940s so because of the frustration, she also dropped out of school. She was as mentally competent as the next person and knew very well the consequences of her actions, She married, gave birth to 5 kids and raised 6 (adopted 1). She worked full time from the time she was 16 until her marriage to my father. She went back to work when we were all older. in her later years, she invested her earnings into stocks and mutual funds for retirement and understood the investments. So a learning disability is not an excuse for this girl’s actions, It would be different if she is mentally at a third grade level, but she wouldn’t be able to drive because of her lack of judgement skills and inability to pass the driving test. If she is mentally 3 years old, then shame on her parents for letting her go undiagnosed and not providing the guidance and therapies that would have helped her avoid this whole situation she now finds herself in.

  • Trish Ramirez

    Like I said from the time they started throwing out their ‘learning disabled’ garbage – this is just a family trying to save face. And at the expense of this innocent baby, no less.

    It’s a common occurrence in the local culture. To be superficial and pretend things are other than what they are. Even when the whole world can tell the difference. Clearly the girl was pregnant in those photos. Clearly she was competent enough to hold down a job and lead a fairly active social life.

    I wish that the people around here would start realizing that appearances are less important than reality. It is more important that this infant child get justice and be protected in the future than it is to make up stories in order to appear ‘in good standing’ to the rest of the world. It is more important that this psychopath be removed from society and prevented from doing more harm than it is to pretend there is nothing wrong in order to appear perfectly normal for the neighbors or ward.

    Ignoring bad things does not make them go away. Pretending to be perfect or the victim or to have been oblivious to the situation does not make it so.

    Anyone with any intuition at all sees right through the facade, and it just makes you look phony, fake, cheap and plastic.

    I hope the State is doing a thorough investigation into this monster and into any people who may have enabled her actions by turning a willfully blind eye to the glaringly obvious.

  • Roxanna Naylor

    So if she was working, did no one at her work know she was pregnant either????? This just sounds like a family putting their ducks in a row to save face and help their daughter. Baby should come first and it needs to go to a loving hojme if she makes it. This breaks my heart.

  • californiadreamin

    Yes!!! Everyone knew she was pregnant. When you would ask her she would get irritated and say no and walk off. What their daughter did is wrong and to blame it on a learning disability is just plain wrong. They are just like you say saving face to help their daughter. She just didn’t want the responsibility of a child so instead of giving her to a loving family she decided to throw it away so it would die and she can go on as if nothing happened (her words).

  • amber

    Wow there’s lots of people with mental health problems or what ever and they don’t go around doing any thing like that. And her so called being able to read and wright at a third grade level what does that have to do with anything. Shes just screwed up I have a learning disability and my point is shes screwed in her head. How could the parents not know she was pregnant as if they never saw her throw up, crave stuff and she was telling people she was pregnant. Her parents are playing stupid. And they are gonna go see her in jail after what she did to there grand child if u ask me the hole family is screwed up. I pray her daughter makes it. And she goes far away from that whole family. Where’s the child’s dad in all this? She should get life her parents are making excuses it does not make a difference what she has she needs to be held accountable for her action’s

  • SoCal801

    Taking all of those ugly a$$-duck-face-selfies, is where her first mistake was made. So pointless when girls do that.
    She’s jus tryna play everybody and make us think she’s handicap, but really she’s hadicapable of functioning jus normally like the rest of society..
    Hope she learns her lesson and gets help. Also I hope the child pulls thru. Sending my prayers for that infants recovery. Jus really sad.

  • Allison

    Who knows where the money from cousins doing the fund raiser is really going. Do they plan on giving it to foster care, adoptive parents, or Alicia?

    • JennY H

      I totally agree! There is no way I would donate, other than straight to Primary Childrens. The other option is donating baby items when the baby is out of the hospital. But I feel lIke the ‘cousins’ are trying to profit over this tragic situation.

  • Trish Ramirez

    Yeah, I wouldn’t donate to the family for any reason. I’d donate directly to the hospital caring for the baby – that will ensure that the money goes to the right place.

  • m

    DO NOT give money to the family. When the state takes custody of a baby they pay for medical care and a foster family will get money and free medical care paid by the state. I was a foster mom and I never got money from the parents, it was the state who provided medical care and I got a monthly check to pay for any other financial needs as well as I was paid to have the child in my home.

  • jim

    Anyone else think it’s odd the dad says they look forward to visiting her in jail, but make no mention of going to see his granddaughter?

  • Toby Blowhole

    Went in a few dates with thi s chick. She dumb but no disabled. I remembered her sayug she was wit child too. Fo real tho

  • barbara mowrey

    She deserves life in prison with out parole . I just can’t imagine doing that to a baby she ducked in the head

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