Photos show lawn care truck dumping chemicals in West Valley City

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – West Valley Police and health department officials are investigating after an illegal dumping incident in West Valley City Friday night.

A resident sent the images above and said they observed a lawn care company’s truck dumping a greenish liquid into the gutter.

Hazardous material crews later determined the liquid to be fertilizer and weed killing chemicals. Firefighters were able to keep the liquid from reaching storm drains.

Officials said it is estimated between 25 and 50 gallons were dumped. Investigators are working to determine whether the company will face criminal charges or fines in connection with the incident.


  • Ed

    I don’t understand why companies keep doing this. it is illegal to dump anything but rain water and snow melt into the storm drain system. I hope they get a $10,000 fine to wake them up and that employee gets fired. good thing he wasn’t draining the tank into an inlet box. that would have been a huge cleanup. This is just plain ignorance of the law and unacceptable. If they are going to handle weed killer and fertilizer chemicals they need to know the proper handling of them.

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