Family plans fundraiser for infant who is in critical condition after being found in garbage can

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KEARNS, Utah -- A 5-day-old baby is fighting for her life after police found her nearly dead in a garbage can in Kearns on Tuesday.

Her mother, Alicia Englert, is accused of trying to kill her.

As the baby remains in critical condition, some of Englert’s cousins are starting a fundraiser to make sure she has something when, as they put it, she’s released from the hospital.

Vania Schmidt spoke about their efforts: “All the negativity and the focus on Alicia and her actions, why are we focusing on just this? People need to be aware there is a baby. There is a child, and this child needs help. She needs love."

The fundraiser will be held this Saturday and Sunday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at West View Park in West Valley City.

You can also make a donation to the Starving for a Miracle account at any Wells Fargo bank.

According to Schmidt, everything will be given to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

The cousins holding the fundraiser said they haven’t spoken to Englert's parents in years but have spoken to Englert more recently. They said Englert feels like a sister to them.

“There is no way to describe the feeling that you feel when you find out your little sister has done something so horrific. It may be horrific, but I still love her,” Lisa Hansen said.


  • nicole

    True, focus on the baby. But, make sure the baby finds a new home. Away from this mentally unstable girl, who is not safe and certainly not capable of raising a child. What she did is something even my four old would know better not to do. She will remain like this for the rest of her life, with her mental illness. Help get her into a group home. I agree, she needs major help.

  • Emily

    I’m so happy the truth is slowly coming out, soon everyone will realize that she is 100% competent. She is not mentally disabled and she needs to pay for what she did. Imo, her parents should be held responsible for helping her with this, there’s no way she birthed a baby by herself and didn’t make a noise.
    I pray for the recovery of that sweet girl and I hope she’s given to a loving family.

  • James

    Herse people are trying to capitalize on a child’s misfortune if you are going to donate for this child please do it to the hospitals so that it will go to the child it is fraud to use a child to get money what kind of person would use a child to fill their pockets with money

  • Trish Ramirez

    It’s the Utah, way – harm your baby in some way, ask strangers for money.

    What’s wrong with this place?

    If her family TRULY cared about this infant, rather than raising money for it’s care when it’s ‘brought home’ they’d be petitioning the State to keep it far, far away from the people who 1) hurt it and/or 2) enabled it’s hurt.

    Don’t make excuses for monsters, don’t raise money for monsters, keep children AWAY from monsters.

    Stop turning a horrible tragedy into your 15 minutes of fame – they said they haven’t even SPOKEN to this girl or her family in years and now they are plugging their faces on the news, trying to ‘raise money’ to to care for an infant that shouldn’t be returned to that household in the first place. Who’s supposed to raise it, its evil mother or the people who clearly did such an UPSTANDING JOB raising its evil mother??!?


    Has anyone even begun to look for a father, or is that genetic component being ignored so it can be given away without even consulting a father, as seems to be the Utah way?

    • Bob

      No Trish, it is NOT Utah’s way to harm children …. either the born or unborn. We value the sanctity of life. The reason this story made the news is because it is NOT the norm here.

      I suppose this kind of thing doesn’t happen in San Francisco? Yeah, right!!

      • Trish Ramirez

        Way to have poor reading comprehension skills, Bob.

        You know, I have been hearing these ads on the radio about Utah ranking 32nd in the nation as far as reading goes.

        Pretty ironic for a state in which most people profess to base their lifestyle choices on a very particular book.

        If this happened in San Fransisco, I would imagine that the local populous would be out for the blood of the evil monster responsible for the alleged crime, not circling their wagons, pretending ‘learning disability’ to keep up appearances and making excuses for horrific behavior rather than facing the truth.

        The problem with the local culture around here is that a lot of the people have really allowed themselves to believe that they and people like them are somehow special and chosen and can do no wrong, and that if they DO do wrong, it is somehow the will of gawd and therefore not their personal responsibility or fault. Or if it IS their fault, they can simply ‘repent’ and be immediately forgiven with no earthly consequences for being horrible monsters on the inside, underneath a facade of shining light.

        People should not be ‘fundraising’ for this family. They should be demanding that a certain monster be incarcerated for the rest of her natural life and that all enabling and equally culpable family members also be punished to the fullest extent of the law for putting appearances ahead of reality.

        Have you read the other stories about this case, Bob? The fact that this monster was drinking and looking quite knocked up and posting selfies on social media, all while her parents claim ignorance of her pregnancy and reiterate that she has the mental fortitude of a 3rd grader.

        Some parents.

        Allowing their child with the mental fortitude of a 3rd grader to drink and be unsupervised in clear disregard for her well-being and the well-being of the general public should this ‘child in an adult’s body’ get loose and wreck her infantile havoc on the world.

        Sounds pretty responsible.

        Of course, on the surface, they probably appear great and wonderful, and I’m sure they pay their 10%.

        Perfectly good reason for the public to assume that they did nothing wrong and would never hide something of this magnitude.

        You see, Bob, there is a group-think psychology around here, and it allows for a lot of badness to go on. It’s not okay. To pretend otherwise makes you part of the problem. Just because something looks shiny and orderly and good on the surface does not mean it’s not a seething vat of dark, vile evil underneath.

        Case in point, this case.

        Things like this don’t happen without a concerted effort to hide them.

        Stop making excuses for people simply because they happen to be like you.


      • Bob

        Perhaps our ranking would go up if parents spent a little more one-on-one time teaching their children to read instead of expecting someone else to do it. The good folks in San Francisco are much too busy lining up at the abortion clinics to worry much about one isolated story here in Utah.

      • Trish Ramirez

        Maybe the state would go up in its rankings if people around here truly wanted their children to read to comprehend reality rather than being interested in turning out the next generation of indoctrinated, brainwashed little LDS sheeple taught to never question anything and to do what they are told.

        It’s about logic and reason, not just sounding out words. When you demand a populous devoid of critical thinking skills, you condemn them to general ignorance.


      • bobsanidiot

        bob. Even with a brain that’s was declared DOA like your’s the point Trish is making is to not allow these idiots to make a dime on this kind of BS. And yes dumbazze it has happened recently and yes Utah is a joke for running a selfserving propaganda mill to make itself look squeeky clean which IS SO NOT!!!! Please request a DNR for your brain so we all don’t have to suffer your idiocy…..

  • nicole

    I’m sure the father has major issues also. Who would want to take advantage of a handicapped girl? Neither one of these two should ever be parents. This poor baby deserves a stable loving home.

  • Jocelyn

    Not a penny should go to this girls family. It should go to the baby and the adoptive family. I can not even imagine a judge giving this baby back to this family, but we do live in a nation where the perpetrator often has more rights than the victim. I feel like these parents need to be accountable too. If you have a child who is not competent To be a mother and is hanging out with boys who are using her,there should of been intervention. I think she knows more than these parents are saying she does. She went to a regular school, and they let her hang out with friends without supervision. I can only hope this poor baby finds a new loving home, and all funds raised go to a new family, for a college fund.

  • Elias

    I just heard where she has been working in a strip bar. She also has a drivers license? If that is true, she can read a Utah state handbook, and pass a written test but has absolutely no idea what she has done. Give me a break. A very very long prison sentence is in order.

  • Elias

    I just heard that she has been working in a strip bar. She also has a drivers license? If that is true, she can read a Utah state handbook, and pass a written test but has absolutely no idea what she has done. Give me a break. A very very long prison sentence is in order.

  • amber

    Searously there just saying mental health to get her off. Pretty sure she knows wright from wrong .if she really has mental health problems where’s the documents y wasent she getting help.

  • Breda

    Why start a fundraiser if there is any justice for this baby give her to a family that will love her and put this selfish person behind bars. I can’t believe anyone would donate. From her party ways she knows what she’s doing a baby would be a buzz killer. Do what’s right for that poor baby who had no choice of having a monster for a woman who had her but certainly can’t be called a mother ever. That’s the way u feel and I hope anyone with a soul feels the same. Keep her in prison and get her fixed.

  • Meg

    Such a sad story because if she only knew how many families that can’t have children that are out there. We are one. Wish I could adopt the baby. prayers go with the family and baby!

  • John

    Hurricane role model. NICE! Obviously you cannot be charged with a crime if you plead for public support and they give it to you. BRILLIANT!

  • Sharolette

    I question these ladies and their motives.They say she is like a little sister to them… but she was pregnant for about 9 months and they also had NO idea?! Interesting. Praying this baby gets a real chance in life with another family possibly in a different state with restraining orders…. I can’t imagine being 20 something years old and finding out that I was thrown in the trash. She deserves justice.

  • ashlie

    You know this is a sad story and we do need to focus on the baby all try to help and pray for the baby.. but also as horrible as this situation is and I hate to say but think about it how can someone just go and say this mother is so horrible and sick she needs to be in a dumpster and so forth.. well if you have had a child (females)and guys have been with your girl or wife as they have had a baby how do you know it’s not just post pardom depression cause any one who has ever gone threw it knows how wicked it can be it’s a sucky thing to go threw and it’s hard and don’t take this wrong people that does not give her any excuse at all what so ever to do what she did at all.. but yet if the people who are claiming to be family and close and everything and if there earning money for the baby why did when mom just go to them why did they just take the baby and why aren’t they now ..I don’t know parts of it seems a little fishy to me and regardless of it all hope the mom gets some help and the baby makes a full healthy recovery

  • Krysten Parrish

    I just had my 2nd and want to adopt. I would love to adopt this wonderful baby girl. The state needs to take her away from that family. Keep the angel away from those who tries to kill her. Herr in cheyenne wy I would love to take her away from there.

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