Florida mother says 4-year-old son was expelled from preschool after she posted to Facebook

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The report above and information below are courtesy WJXT's Heather Leigh via CNN.

A Florida mom said her 4-year-old son was expelled from his preschool over a message she posted on her personal Facebook page.

Ashley Habat said she and her son, Will, were running late for school. It was picture day at Sonshine Christian Academy.

Habat said: "The administrator of the preschool checking him in, she's like 'Well it's picture day. Will, are you excited?' And you know he of course just went on to class, but I had mentioned that they didn't give enough notice. And she's like, 'Well we put it in his folder last week.'"

So Habat said she took to Facebook, saying she just wanted to vent her frustrations. She also never thought the school would ever see her post.

"They couldn't see it; it was private to my friends only," Habat said of the post.

The post read: "Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislikes about Will's school? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant".

She tagged the school in the post. The next morning, she received a call asking her to stop by when she drops off her son.

Habat said: "They just felt like we weren't the right fit of parent relationship with the school and that they didn't want him as a student anymore. He had done nothing wrong."

According to the letter of dismissal: "Your relationship with Sonshine did not get off to a very good start the first day of school...you utilized social media to call into question not only the integrity but the intelligence of our staff. These actions are also consistent with sowing discord which is spoken of in the handbook you signed."

Habat said she was surprised.

"I was in shock," she said. "Why would you expel a 4 year-old over something his mom posts on her private Facebook page only people on her friends list can see?"


    • Laura

      Thank you. I questioned this as well. She posted it right to them as an advertisement to all other parents and friends of the school. It had nothing to do with her son. It was her attacking a business deal in which she was involved. I wouldn’t want someone bad mouthing me or my company either. The school handled the business deal appropriately. The mother was no satisfied with services anyway.

      • Thomas

        Shoddy reporting too. The reporter didn’t know enough to post the fact that it would have showed up on the school’s Facebook page and been visible to everyone.

  • Jenni

    Honestly. If she tagged the school it ceases to become private. Maybe she needs to think about who she tags in her posts. This mother’s intelligence should be in question not the schools actions.

  • Todd

    Seriously? She is shocked? She was the ignorant one. If you don’t want someone to know something, you don’t tag them. Was this her first time tagging someone? The reason you do tag someone it’s too alert them to what you are saying. You open yourself up. Private is no longer private. She made it public and violated school policy.Seems to me they had just cause.

  • Heidi

    If she dislikes the school so much, she should be glad that she no longer has to work with them. Seems to me she won’t be happy either way!

  • Ghost

    Why does anyone care what someone else says? People vent all the time, schools are getting dumber by the year, first they take gods name out of schools, then they start expelling students for something not even their fault, then half the teachers are child molesters too and getting arrested, what next? These teachers are not very bright these days, in fact, the word ignorant pretty much sums it up.

    • ddgiant

      Now you caught the part of the story this is a preschool, not regular public school. You bad mouth any business they can refuse service and that is what happened here.

      • Megan

        What an ignorant, offensive thing to say. Are you IN the schools? Do you have any idea what’s really going on to make that kind of an accusation? I teach junior high. And every day I work with incredible professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping students for very little pay. They work unpaid hours, come up with incredible lesson plans that they share for free with their community, weep over failing students and sit through hours of professional development to become better. You see random stories pop up in the news, and suddenly ‘half’ the teachers are child molesters? Are you freaking KIDDING me? I would bet if you added up every single teacher in the United States, the number who are child molesters wouldn’t even be 1%. No one reports the wonderful things that are happening–only the negative. Schools aren’t perfect–and they never will be. And I’ll tell you this–isn’t not the school system that’s broken–it’s FAMILIES that are broken. Schools that have a high percentage of students who come from broken or dysfunctional homes have a much more difficult time–and yet it is the teachers who are always blamed. Sure, there are bad teachers. But there are also bad parents. And bad students, And a whole lot of normal imperfect people just trying to do their best. Stop blaming, stop name calling and pointing fingers, and be part of the solution. Or just simply shut up.

  • Tammy

    She tagged the school. Yes they are going to see it.. Facebook is not a private forum. people voice they’re frustration and tag a bussiness or a person they are going to see it.

  • dj

    If she tagged the school every i ne can see it that looks at the schools page too… think before you post stuff on the internet folks…

  • Nomad

    Basically, she does the equivalent of yelling this out to everyone associated with the school by tagging it and then calls what she said “private”. Makes sense.

  • David Higginson

    The problem is most people would consider her intelligent. Reality she is dumber than a box of rocks!

  • Jessica

    They expelled the boy for good reason in my opinion. A 4-year old is obviously not capable to take responsibility of much therefore the mother is the main source of communication for the boy with the school. If I owned a school I would not want to have a customer who is bad mouthing the way we do things at my school and posting it on facebook making it public so everyone can see. It seems like a form of slander and I would not tolerate that. I think the school did the right thing.

  • Deedee

    I think this world has become to sensitive. Who cares if she posted something about the school. If my son got expelled from school there I would gladly take my money somewhere else.

  • Mary

    I hope the mother is reading these comments! There would have been no comments if she had the child at school on time! This may not have been the child’s fault, however, the Mother signed the contract and she should have known what it said. Sounds to me as if she needs to be more involved with what is going on with her school since they sent notices out a week before that pictures would be taken that day.

  • Benson

    Wow you people are so quick to judge people for anything. You guys act like none of you have ever made a mistake even a stupid one. This is why God and Jesus abandoned us especially us Americans.

    • Crystal

      Benson… God and Jesus never abandoned us. And a matter of opinion is different than being judgmental. I don’t think you can call us judgment but not the mother that decided to bash her sons school on a public network risking his education. People just need to think before they post things on the internet where’s it’s out there for everyone to see and always will be. I feel sorry for her son for so many reasons. I hope he doesn’t spend his entire young life being punished for his moms ignorance.

  • Mimi

    I think her mistake was tagging the school in the post. It’s hard for me to say whether I agree with the school in their decision, although I’m leaning more to sympathizing with his mom because now her son will have to adjust to a whole new routine and he might not see his friends for a long time if ever. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson.

  • nemeanleo

    She’s very stupid for tagging the school and then expecting them not to see it! duh they don’t have to be a friend of yours to see a post they are tagged in. I think the school may have went overboard just a little, but maybe they were doing it to prevent future problems with this lady, because if she’s already complaining about something so stupid, then who knows what else she’d complain about in the future. Maybe she’ll learn to think twice about what she posts and who she tags in the post. Hopefully the new school is up to her “standards”. I don’t know what her standards are but she seems lazy to me like she wanted a phone call the night before letting her know about picture day. Did she even ready through his folder for the notice? Get real lady!

  • Zenock

    What I don’t get is why this is News? In Utah of all places. She lives in Florida.

    There are business disagreements every single day like this. Just the other day I got into a disagreement with my son’s teacher. Maybe I should call the new and have them report it in Florida. Really? Sheez.

  • sadparent

    I doubt she cares that her son is there or not, I think she is after some $$ and news fame. However, why punish the child for this? Why didn’t the administration try and find a way to amicably work this out with the mother so the child could continue going to the school, maybe he liked it there?

  • juice

    All these comments attacking the mother. So I take it ya’ll are perfect and never released your frustration on facebook. The problem isn’t the mother, it’s that the kid has too suffer cause the school got butt hurt and wants too make an example.

  • Teresa

    My opinion, I think the mother had every right to post and say what she said, ya maybe she didn’t know that taging the school they could see it, but she had every right to say that and if her child got expelled she should be relived he doesn’t need to go to a school like that so I give props to the mother. I would have don’t the same thing….

  • kass

    Lol, but the point of the whole thing is that it is her right to post her feelings on her own social media website and the school staff was just upset they got called ignorant and was nothing they could do about it except take it out on her child which in reality does make them a bit ignorant, or at least a bit childish anyway.

  • Antonio Malano Toni Massaro

    The school should start to look into themselves if a parent isn’t pleased with their policies and/or standards. Hell, the school should have worked something out with the parent instead of expelling her son. To expel the son after a post was made shows the school is truly ignorant. If I don’t like the school, I would say it freely; and in return they better ask me why I feel that way instead of committing stupid things that adds more fuel to the fire and possibly a lawsuit.

  • Is it Friday yet

    I think if you sign a contract you need to stick by it, but what does that say about a business that has a contract wherever if something goes south you can’t bad mouth us about it. I wouldn’t enroll my child there after reading that, because maybe they have a lot of problems going on there. That’s what I would be thinking anyway…

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