Utah gets an extra month to file in same-sex marriage case

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DENVER — The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the Utah Attorney General’s request for an extra month to file in a case involving same-sex marriage recognition in Utah.

The decision by Judges Gorsuch and Bacharach gives the state until Oct. 22 to make its first filings in the case, which centers around same-sex marriages performed in Utah after Amendment 3 was overturned.

Read the decision from the 10th Circuit Court here:

10th Circuit orderAn analysis of public records by FOX 13 found that in the 17 days after Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage was overturned, more than 1,200 gay and lesbian couples married across the state.

Same-sex marriage estimates in Utah

Utah is currently appealing the 10th Circuit Court’s ruling that declared Amendment 3 unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court could decide to take up the case.


  • Hail the LDS Regime!

    Hate on LDS… Ironic that they do not like when you hate on them, yet, they will turn around and hate gays…

    • Bob

      You can get help for your problem. The Utah Pride Center has a new counseling and wellness clinic. Mental health professionals at the center said they’re better equipped to help distressed LGBT youth and adults work through emotional issues.

      • Bob

        Nice try. But people know that never happens. They do, however, know exactly where your kind of liberal, bile-spitting hatred and demagoguery lead. I’m merely jogging their memories.

        We’ve heard from your kind before.

  • Bob

    The folks you are so afraid of are too busy spending time with their families to waste time hating people they pity.

    • Bob

      Yes, the gays are spending quality time with their families, unless they are LDS, then their families will not speak to them because their child is “un-natural”…

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