Mom facing attempted murder charges after allegedly tossing newborn in garbage

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KEARNS, Utah -- The Utah mother accused of tossing her newborn in a neighbor's garbage can is now facing attempted murder charges. Englert, Alicia M. SO# 378640 mug

Police said 24-year-old Alicia Marie Englert was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

Officers were called a home near 5300 S. and 5200 West after neighbors found the newborn girl in their trash.

Authorities said the baby was born Sunday and had not received medical care or food.

The infant is in critical condition at a local hospital and is in protective custody pending further investigation.

Police have released the probable cause statement, which can be read below:

Englert, Alicia SO# 378640


  • Bella shell

    I’d take that sweet baby in a heartbeat. I hope the woman gets life in jail and gets the obvious mental help she needs, I hope the baby gets a loving, caring family she needs.

    • Kim

      Sadly you won’t get your wish. She will either go to jail or get mental help. They don’t usually come as a package deal.

  • John

    She is insane. She should have just “accidentally” left it in the hot car so she could have had the support of the community and made some money. Worked in Hurricane, should work in Kearns.

      • Sheila

        Which is probably why John said she should have ‘accidentally’ left her newborn in a hot car instead of tossing her into the garbage can…

      • John

        Let me simplify Bob.
        Hot car death not an accident.
        Premeditated or illegal prescription drug usage causing the death of a child is no excuse for this mother of the year down in Utah’s Dixie.
        A mentally challenged woman in Kearns is going to have her life destroyed for lack of comprehension of what she was doing due to who knows what perceived punishments her parent would give her.
        This woman in Hurricane not only gets a pardon but has a supportive following and bilks money from her Lemming followers. Horrific and unconscionable evil.

  • laytonian

    She’s learning disabled AND her parents didn’t put her on birth control? Really?
    They didn’t notice she was pregnant AND she was afraid to tell them?
    So sad.

    • Kevin Zack

      She doesn’t have any learning disability’s, and she is 24 years old….the parents shouldn’t be blamed, I grew up with this girl she knows better. She was just a shamed because she didn’t know who the father is because she gets around to much…

    • Emily

      She doesn’t have any learning disabilities. And knowing what I do about her parents, they would not have done anything, I mean sure, maybe they would be disappointed that she didn’t know who the father was but i’m sure they would have loved that baby. I’m sure she hid the pregnancy with the fact that she is pretty over weight. Her excuse is ridiculous and just a cover up.

  • Julie Copeland

    Shame on you! I’m a mother and it’s so hard for me to see you do this to own child! I have 4 children all grown now, healthy and happy! God gave you a precious gift, how could you throw away such a beautiful gift! If you didn’t want your baby you should done the right thing adoption! There are many couples out there that would love to have baby! And you thought of an easy out way by throwing your baby in trash! This will follow you the rest of your life! God help you!

  • Jason x

    Oh wow, I can’t believe she has done this. I knew her way back when,she use to be such a angle. Its so sad to read that this wonderful child grew up to be on so bad. Hopefully they can find the baby’s dad,he should have lots to say in this matter.

  • Melissa

    she could have took the baby to a police station or a hospital…I think ive seen something about woman who dont want their baby can take the baby there so woman do not do this…so very sad im a mother of 3 children had my first child at 17 it was scarey but I could never imagine hurting my child nor anyones children people like this make me sick like I said there is other ways if you cannot take care of the child nor want it..children are precious gifts from god not to be hurt in anyway..there are woman who cannot have children of their own who would gladley adopt the baby…hopefully justice is served for this horriable horriable thing she has done to this precious baby :(

  • Cindy

    With all the parents out there that can’t have baby’s, myself being one, there are so many that would take the baby from her. I hope the little girl pulls through and she can find loving parents that will give her all the love and support she deserves. I would take her in a heartbeat.

  • Emily

    Im praying that baby girl pulls through and is given to a loving family. I also want to know what the father of this baby thinks (if he even knows about it). Its truely sad to see how someone you were friends with in school, could turn out so disturbed.. I hope she gets what she deserves.

    • Bob

      Lucky is the child who has bio-parents that chose to get married before creating them. They have a decided advantage over children who may, or may not, even have a clue as to who their fathers are.

  • Barton Woolf

    It may be a surprise to so many unwed mothers that in the State of Utah, there is a law that states that if a mother does not want her baby, that all she has to do is drop it off to a hospital with no questions asked and they will take them. It’s better than doing the un-thinkable and harming an innocent child. My wife and I are one of many that would love to take advantage of someone’s desire to leave their infant at a hospital like that. We are unable to have children naturally.b

  • Vivian

    How can a mother do that to their own child..the dealth penalty should be given to people like this..she’s disgusting to look at and deserves to die and rott in hell.

  • Michael Weaver Smith

    I have autism, her parents are saying she has a learning disability, and her father is saying he doesn’t “believe” she knew what she was doing. I have autism, which is a doozey of a learning disability. And I know what she did is wrong. Just because she has a learning disability doesn’t mean she’s stupid, or that she doesn’t know right from wrong. there are only a few possible things happening here, first off. Her parents are probably terrible parents, why else would she want to hide the pregnancy in the first place. Second, Her parents are in denial, or just don’t want their daughter to go to prison for a very long time, understandable, they are her parents. However, as someone with an extreme learning disability, I know personally, that she is smarter than her parents are getting her credit for, I’d go as far to say her IQ is probably higher than most “normal” people, and that sense of right and wrong is probably more absolute than most. She knows what she did is wrong, she just didn’t care, she’d just rather lie and hide things from parents that don’t deserve to be trusted in the first place. I mean, how can you defend murder or attempted murder and feel okay with yourself? Especially as a parent. Fact of the matter, she might be disabled like i am, might be. But that doesn’t make her stupid, she knows what she did was wrong, and at the very least she knew it was against the law. And she deserves the fullest extent of the law. too bad this didn’t happen in texas, cuz she deserves the death penalty. And her parents should be forced to watch.

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