Condition of newborn girl found in garbage declining, mother being evaluated

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KEARNS, Utah - Authorities are investigating after a newborn girl was found in a garbage can at a Kearns home Tuesday morning.

Det. Jared Richardson said medical crews determined the infant girl was born over the weekend and the mother put the 3-day-old girl in the garbage Tuesday at about 6 a.m. before going to work. Kearns mother baby garbage walk

Officials said the girl was in the garbage can for about an hour but she was not fed for the last three days.

She is in critical condition and is said to be worsening.

The mother is being evaluated at the hospital.

Crews said the garbage can belonged to the next-door neighbor near 5300 S. and 5200 W.

Neighbors said they heard a noise coming from the can and thought it was a kitten at first before finding the newborn.

Officials said the mother is 24 and they do not believe she has any other children.

Police have not confirmed any information on the child's father at this time.

Help is available for all newborns and mothers with Utah's Newborn Safe Haven law.

In May 2001, a state-wide law went into effect in Utah allowing birth parents to anonymously give up custody of their newborn child without facing any legal consequences.

You can leave your baby, up to 3 days old, with an employee on duty at any hospital emergency room, open 24 hours 7 days a week, in Utah.

The Utah Newborn Safe Haven has a toll-free hotline (1-866-458-0058) available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Find out more about Utah's Safe Haven Law here

Check back with Fox 13 for the latest updates. 


  • The TRUTH

    We live in a society where money and stuff are more important than human lives. We see it every day. We go to war for oil. We watch people work themselves to death to accumulate garbage they don’t need. This poor baby was one more casualty of materialism.

    Until we take a stand on a global scale and say no human life will be sacrificed for the good of a dollar, people will keep trading their babies for their checking accounts.

    • Suzanne

      You blame the “pig cops”?! Oh yes because the “cops” gave birth to this child and the “cops” discarded it like a piece of trash. Not only that, the “cops” should be mind readers and know when people are going to commit disgusting vile acts and just be there to stop it. You really shouldn’t comment, your ignorance is shining through.

    • Brandi

      Seriously the most ignorant comment in the history of comments, and has nothing to do with this situation. An irresponsible, selfish woman made a horrible decision. Religion has nothing to do with that.

    • Trish Ramirez

      Have you read A Wrinkle in Time, Bob? The missing father in the book is trapped on a ‘perfect’ planet where everyone does exactly the same thing, everything is orderly, nothing out of place, not a ball bounced out of sync, everyone’s a good little boy and girl.

      It’s also the most evil place in the Universe, because there is no free will.

      When I think of the society that the LDS want to create, I imagine it would be along the same lines. Looks perfect on the outside, everybody keeps time, stays in step, but nobody has a choice.

      They don’t lie when they use the bee hive as their symbol, that’s precisely what they want to create. A hive mentality where nobody thinks for themselves, everyone follows a single master.

      It’s a horrible idea, the antithesis of everything the gawd of the bible is supposed to be about – FREE WILL.

      There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    • David Engel

      60% of Utah is LDS, it’s a good probability that that culture will affect Utah laws seeing as how the laws are brought to pass by the majority voice of the people. Utah has safe communities, a thriving population, and a strong economy. Utah is much better off than most of the rest of the country. Seems like we are doing something right.

  • blunderwoman

    Also, being a first time mom is hard. She probably wasn’t in her right mind. Post partum is not a joke! It’s seriously debilitating.

  • Laura Davis

    Glad they are also looking for the father. He is as responsible as the mother for the well being of their child.

    • Bob

      This. In the argument about reproductive rights and in these unfortunate cases where we see infants left for dead, so often the other half of the genetic mix gets away high and dry. Until both genetic parents are held equally liable, nothing will change.

      • Bob

        Certainly the donor was aware of having relations. Birds and bees. Why should males be able to deposit their specimen at their leisure and assume that nothing will develop from it?

        We really need more comprehensive s e x ed in schools around here if males don’t know what leads to babies.

        Does a female have an obligation to keep in touch will a male if he makes no effort to keep in touch with her? We all know how babies are made. He’s equally responsible if he completed the act that led to the baby.

  • Suzanne

    Are you serious?!!!! Where are the dumb cops? Maybe you should ask, where are the moral, decent people in this world?! So in your minds view, the cops should be able to be everywhere and prevent everyone from sick, vile acts? Sorry to inform you, but the “cops” can’t fix a sick society!

    • Bob

      This is why cops and laws are worthless to society. Because laws do not stop people from doing what they want to do and all the cops in the world cannot enforce the laws or protect the citizenry. What is and is not legal only matters to the person who is going to abide by the law. If you are going to do what you want regardless, the law is irrelevant. So we might as well get rid of them and save society a lot of money and headache.

      The world would be a happier place for it.

  • Trish Ramirez

    This is a terrible story. Absolutely awful.
    Hopefully the little one pulls through.
    There’s no reason for this to happen in 2014 with all of the resources available – from contraception to abortion to adoption to safe haven. This little one shouldn’t have starved for 3 days, I don’t know how evil one has to be to allow that to happen.
    The funny thing is, more people were outraged about kittens being stuck to glue paper than this.
    People will be making excuses for this monster’s behavior, and in the same breath demanding that the dude who trapped the cats be charged with multiple felonies.
    It’s like the bizarro world.

    • Trish Ramirez

      Must be you aping me, Eric Bob Anderson or whoever you are, because you can’t form a coherent sentence or thought.

    • Suzanne

      Well Trish Ramirez you and “The Truth” should get together and go back to school. Your ignorant, uneducated comments are laughable! You blame the lazy pig cops? Unbelievable! You people are seriously messed up in the head. The only thing worse than this mother throwing her baby in the trash are people like you blaming the cops! Grow up already!

  • Suzanne

    Again, you make NO sense! Where were the dumb cops to stop this person? Seriously???? Do you think they are mind readers? That would be quite the feat wouldn’t it? Imagine being able to read minds and predict when some worthless POS is about to commit a crime. Why didn’t YOU know this was about to happen and call the police to prevent it? Oh that’s right, you can’t read minds either.

  • Vanessa

    It is absolutely mind boggling to me that so many people are placing blame on everyone except the one person who deserves it. This has nothing to do with LDS, Cops, etc. This has to do with a neglectful girl who decided she didn’t want to be a mother. There is a newborn baby suffering and fighting for her life while people are on here bashing others that have nothing to do with her. I am not LDS nor do I believe in certain aspects of their religion but I do know that you cannot judge an entire religion off of a few people. Not one person is the same is this world. That includes people in the LDS religion and the same applies to cops. I have encountered some horrible cops who only use their title as a cop to take advantage and not uphold the law but I have also met some unbelievable men and women who risk their lives to help people on a day to day basis. They do their job because they want to help and make a difference in the world. In this case, there is no way they could have known that this girl went into labor, hid the baby in her home while starving her, and then threw the baby in the garbage can. No one would have known unless they were there or involved in the crime. The only thing people should focusing on right now the baby and the girl responsible for this tragic event. I hope the baby girl can pull through this and find a loving home. The girl who neglected this poor baby needs to be held accountable for her actions.

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