Mom, son recovering from milkshakes tainted with cleaner in Colorado

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THORNTON, Colo. – A mother in Colorado said her son was just injured in a similar way as the Utah woman who drank the tainted tea.

KDVR reported the mom said her son got a vanilla milkshake from a Thornton, Colorado, Dairy Queen which contained cleaning solution.

“He tasted something funny but thought it was off his hand and he said, ‘Mom, this shake tastes disgusting,’” mom Lisa Chase told KDVR.

Riley and his mom, Lisa, went to the drive-through at the Dairy Queen and ordered vanilla shakes.

After a few sips, Lisa said her son’s stomach was burning.

“I took a drink of it and tasted something very ‘chemically’ and then my mouth and throat started burning,” Riley said.

Lisa said she immediately went back to the store where she says she had a bad encounter with management.

“He said, ‘We don’t give money back; I can’t reimburse you for it,’ and I said, ‘No, I’m going to take this to the hospital with my son and you can pay for that’ and he said, ‘do whatever you got to do.’”

She said later a district manager called and confessed someone put a cleaning chemical into the vanilla syrup.

Lisa told KDVR she asked how much of the chemical was mixed in and how something like that could happen.

She said the manager told her someone had a cleaning bottle and didn’t clean it out, just put the vanilla syrup in it.

By phone the store manager told KDVR what happened was a “bad deal.”

Lisa said she thinks it’s much worse.

“I had him sleep with me last night and just not knowing what it was, I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

According to KDVR,  Dairy Queen management is looking into what recourse the customers have with the restaurant chain’s insurance company.

The Colorado Health Department was investigating the case.

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  • Brittany marsh

    This happened to our family friend 2months ago.she and her husband got shakes from the sonic in Roy and both sustained serious burns down their throats and our friend had to have a scope inserted down her throat into her stomach to check for more damage. She kept the cup and my sister called around trying to find a lab that could check for chemical residue but every place she called said they didn’t do that. Sonic wouldn’t even refund her money and totally brushed her complaint off. Why is this happening so often now? Is there some kind of new industrial cleaner that all these places are using? Fox you should check that out. It’s not safe obviously and if it’s being sold to restaurants it’s going to kill someone.

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