Herriman city officials to consider urban deer hunt

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HERRIMAN, Utah -- Over the years Herriman City has seen a spike in the population of mule deer roaming the city.

The city's mayor said for the past several years they've been looking at options to minimize and control its deer population.

One option they are considering is using a similar program that Highland City uses. Pre-authorized hunters would harvest deer within city boundaries. That meat would then be donated to feed the hungry.

But before a decision is made, the city will hold a public hearing on Thursday.

"We don’t want to eliminate them we just want to get them to a manageable level where they can interact within our city yet insure the safety of our residents," said Herriman City Mayor Carmen Freeman.

Freeman said some residents have expressed their support to mitigate the deer population while others say killing the deer is not the solution.


  • Terri Williams

    Get back to the solution. Killing the deer is not the solution for fast drivers, and people that can not live with the deer, foxes, coyotes, and birds should probably not move to the foothills of the mountains. There are plenty of humane ways to deal with wildlife. This reminds me of the massacre of the Indians. Lets take their food, shelter, and land and claim it for development and then kill them. How insane, how sad.
    Don’t try to make me feel better by saying the meat will feed the poor. I grew up on venison, cottontail, etc. it’s awful, and the poor do not deserve to have to eat it. I would gladly donate beans, rice, whatever. Who is paying for the processing of the deer so it is safe? I, personally, think this is so that manly hunters can get their easy trophy. These deer are hardly wild.

    • Bob

      Wait a minute, hippie. You’re saying that organic venison needs some sort of special attention to make sure it’s OK?
      Why don’t you eat what you like, and I’ll eat what I like. I don’t stand outside Whole Foods and protest the death of all that tofu.

    • dave

      if you dont like the taste of dear thats fine i can respect that, by the way the poor wont be force fed the stuff. i can also imagine that you enjoy the deer watching them etc. and i can respect that too. however if you dont like the current method of solving the problem (by the way i do like the solution even tho ive never hunted anything in my life yet, id like too but my heart is too big) then you should give a better solution.

      also you say “killing the deer is not the solution” but it is a solution just like many other options but turning a problem into not just a solution but a benefit to the community is a great solution.

      by the way the decision to consider allowing the hunting of the deer dosnt come from trigger happy drunkards there are entities in place to watch the populations of different animals in different places, its there job to make sure only a certain number of the deer (or whatever animal) is taken. sometimes the decision to allow hunting of an animal is because the current number of them is bad for there own population (theres not enough resources to sustain them so they all struggle)


    This would be ideal!

    Post up on my balcony with my bow and just pick ’em off as they venture throughout my property.

    They’re EVERYWHERE in Herriman, seen a buck yesterday. Most people don’t have fences and if they do, the deer just hop right over them.

    • C'MON BOB

      Move out of their habitat? I don’t live in their habitat.. I live in the city.. it’s Herriman City.

      They were there frist? They have the whoooooooole Oquirrh Mountains to roam.. I should be able to shoot a deer from my balcony especially if there is a huge heard of them.

    • Bob

      Who’s “we” Bob? You’re part of the small minority that doesn’t relate well with families and children. You’re phobia of the LDS Church is well documented.

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