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Dozens protest death of Dillon Taylor shot by SLC police officer

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Protestors rallied at Library Square in downtown Salt Lake Monday night, demanding justice for Dillon Taylor. The 20-year-old who was shot and killed by police nearly two weeks ago, in South Salt Lake at a 7-11.

There were about a dozen protestors marching the streets asking why police haven't released any more information about what happened the night Taylor died. His aunt, who was more like his mother, was at the protest and said all she wants is answers.

"His dreams were to be a dad, his dreams were to have a family, someone he could come home to every day, his dreams were to be normal," said his aunt Gina Thayne.

Taylor had a baby on the way.

Thayne said the 20-year-old was looking forward to a life with his new family, but that all came crashing down the night of Aug. 11 at a 7-11 in South Salt Lake when he was shot and killed by a Salt Lake City Police Officer.

Since then, protestors, many who didn't know him, have shown up in support of his family, wanting the same thing they do, answers.

"I just feel like if the cop is innocent then they would release the footage and the 911 call, why are they waiting so long to release all that information? Especially for the family -- they want to know those things," said Fatima Badran, who organized the protest.

Most of those who rallied are trying to draw a parallel between what happened here and in Ferguson where Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager was killed by a police officer.

"We have an unfortunate incident where Dillon Taylor lost his life but I cannot stress enough, that this is not Ferguson. This is a complete independent situation," said Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank last week.

Police still aren't saying whether Taylor was armed or not but they did say he was wanted on a probation violation in connection with a felony robbery -- information some say is an attack on his character.

"I don't think he deserved to die by a police officer. So often times the media likes to bring up the character of the individual involved and what that does it persuades a lot of backwards people that these were actually criminals deserving of what they got," said Chris Manor, a protestor.

Taylor’s aunt said he was like a son to her and while he may have had a rough life, losing his parents six years ago, the soon-to-be dad didn't deserve to die.

"Justice means they learn how to control their firearms. If the tables were turned and Dillon would have jumped the gun or hurt one of them, he'd be sitting behind bars, he would have to pay the consequence. These guys have to be responsible for their actions as well," Thayne said.


  • chelle

    Why is dillons death not on national media??? He deserves to be heard too!! Its horrible cops do this but you dont hear about it unless its a black person. My sympathy hos out to all who love dillon. Cops need to be punished for murder just like regular people do!!!!

    • Kristi

      I agree. Unless its an African American person shot or hurt by a white cop its never heard of. Its ridiculous. I’m sick of hearing about race!!! So if a black cop shoots or hurts a white person it has to be racial!!!??? Each case is different!! I just wish people would STOP using the friggin race card!!! Its old!!!

    • hello

      There are lots of cases where police shot and killed blacks that are not aired also no one said/did a thing about the police who was caught beating an unarmed black women in Los Angels just a month ago. And where are all the comments excusing the police action like there are for Mike brown, you know this Dillon guy was wanted for armed robbery and reached for something.

      • C'MON HELLO

        Michael Brown was also wanted for strong-arm robbery and busted the cops eye socket. Can’t just keep out a warrant fact from one story and keep the almost same warrant fact from the other.

        Both these fools deserved to have been shot.

      • 'ĺisamarie

        .bb just because he reached to pull up his pants he should be shot dead..he didnt attack the cop at least

    • Slim

      Yes I contacted national public radio as to why they haven’t reported anything. I haven’t received an answer.

    • King

      Well fox is national media, and you hear about a black person more, because it happens more with black people. Let’s think, and yes his story does deserve to be heard, so instead of complaining how about to take to social media and promote and spread it. That’s how Mike Brown’s story was spread, and then the national media jumped on it because it was getting so much attention on facebook and other social media.

  • That guy

    Why should it be national news? Its not a racially charged event, thankfully! What it is, is an unfortunate event where a young man lost his life. If officers discharged their weapons in a malicious manner, then yes they should be charged. But! But, if it is proven to be justified, showing the officer (s) did their duty and made a sound decision, then its done and over.

    Now, put yourself in Dillons position. You walk out of a building and are confronted by officers. How do you act? Forget Dillons past, what counts are his actions on that day! Did he act like your avarage citizen, or the average criminal?

  • Chris

    Felony robbery, that might have something to do with it. They should release the information. So far though it seems to be a false equivalency. Brown may or may not have stolen cigars. Both police reports should be released and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Donna

    Wanna know how many folks in ferguson were SCREAMING, “when’s the last time you heard about a black cop shooting a white kid?” And that’s just it, when it happens, you don’t hear about it.

  • Da man

    well he had a warrant for yada yada yada but we didn’t know that when we killed him but just wanted to throw that out there, im tired of seeing only “cop killers” all over the news but you never see “killer cops” I understand as a society we need police but its a joke and I never have or never will respect police they act their went to Iraq or something chill out dude its the Wasatch front its not freaking LA

  • stacy peterson

    I wish EVERYONE would stop making these tragedies about race (black and white people)!!!! This is about two young men losing their lives at the hands of the police. When we start holding our officers accountable for the senseless killings and not about what color the officer and the victim were, then MAYBE we can get JUSTICE for both of these and other like these families. Both sides have people who wanna continue to HYPE the black/white communities to further drive the wedge between blacks and whites; as if we need it. We need to try and somehow come together because the other countries are seeing all of this and what is the best time to strike? When we are against each other as AMERICANS. Think about it people and lets get it together before all is lost.

    • dave

      i dont know about the all is lost part but every thing else is great. i agree with you and you phrased it so well. great job

  • Cat

    If he was black they would be all over the news. Period. Just like if there was a White Entertainment Television channel, a Miss White America Contest or a White History Month. In the name of Racial equality we have a whole community all over the country that feels entitled to privileged treatment because of their skin color and ancestry. It makes me sick.

  • Thinker

    What about all the Police Officers that are jumped and killed on a regular basis??? No one seems to give a rip about someone that puts their life on the line everyday for people who don’t care anything about them. When a Law Enforcrement Officer gets killed poeple have nothing to say about that. I would love to see how things would go for 1 week without Law Enforcement Officers. Let’s see what you all have to say then.

    • dave

      thats definitely a great point. although i believe cops can screw up just like anyone else. i too am not a big fan of bunching all the cops into one big dirt bag pile. your right

    • Jodie

      well the police officer decided he wanted to take that as his job so they know there would be life and death situations Dillon just went to the store to get a slurpee and lost his life and if the cop did lose his life the same way the person would have capital murder charges they keep saying their not going to release rather he was armed or not he wasn’t they are trying real hard to cover up what they did this isn’t right!!!!!!

  • Maria

    Why didn’t these persons who protested help him when he needed help? He posted some sad things on Facebook about being hated everywhere, and that he was homeless and hungry…it’s always after the fact!

    • Runningbear

      It is worst than Mike Brown,1,brown was a suspect in a strong armed robbery and he refused to stop and he taunted the police officer daring him to shot,saying you won’t shoot me! then he while the officer was atempting to exit his police car Brown pushed the officer back into the police car hitting him on his face several times and attempted to take his weapon from the policeman.While they struggled for the gun it discharged and Brown took off,about 30 feet from the police officer he exited the police car and yelled FREEZE!,Brown turned around and said you won’t shoot me,and started running at the officer and the officer shot him until he fell just feet before reaching the officer to give him another beating,or attempt to take his gun.2.Taylor was leaving a 7-11 and was shot while pulling up his pants of reaching for his cell phone?, he wasn’t fighting with the police officer or threatening him,Taylor was not a suspect in a strong armed robbery(as brown was!),but had a warrant,and before he had a chance to do anything he was shot by a Black officer!

  • tex

    this is not being covered beacuse, this is not interesting to the media, nothing to sensationalize. Normal people wont riot, so, no coverage..Sorry utah.

  • James

    The problem with these shootings are not being addressed. It shouldn’t be viewed as a race issue but more of a misuse of authority issue. As long as we view these types of incidents as race issue’s it will never get resolved. It is very tragic that this young man lost his life especially if the shooting was unjustified. Time to wake up people, stop worrying about which stories get National coverage and start worrying about police doing the right thing and stop killing youngsters.

    It’s sad that some people are using this shooting and the lack of coverage as a forum for racism. One thing I’m glad I don’t see if blacks coming here calling the kid a criminal as so many white people do when a black teen is killed. To me that is sheer ignorance and stupidity to rally behind a cop that kills someone from one race and display outrage when the tables turn. We should be outraged at this happening to any person regardless of their race.

  • Bob

    The headline says “Dozens protest death of Dylon Taylor”. The article itself says about a dozen showed up. Looks like everbody else had something more important to do.

  • Sarah Jones

    All these jackasses commenting on this article are completely missing the point. The police need to stop randomly killing people and then getting to go on with their day as if they killed an ant. They should not be above the law no matter what race they are dealing with. This is a serious problem and needs to be fixed with our system. This idea that its ok to take a human life for some people but not for others.

  • Lucy Fir

    There is a double standard in lack of corporate national media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc…) coverage for police shootings. These are similar errors made by police that resulted in a fatality, yet one gets ALL DAY coverage while others get almost nothing. What about James Whitehead, a white vet shot dead by a black cop in TX for saying bad words? Ever heard of him? That cop Arnold is trying to get back on the force. Why is one police shooting (Mike Brown) magnified 100X while others are deemed insignificant. None of the people shot where “angels”, though none of them deserved to be fatally shot either. They deserved their day in court for whatever they did wrong, not to be taken to the morgue. Race debates increase viewers for media channels, while logical discussions about how to prevent police brutality for ALL RACES is considered boring. May these killer cops all meet up with some hardcore psychos that return the favor.

    • james

      Disgusting, blacks are being used as scapegoats again. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or any other Civil rights people are in control of the Media. Why are people mentioning the Mike Brown incident here? Don’t be upset that it’s not receiving national coverage but upset that it happened in both cases. This is not a race issue, so why make it what it’s not. I do notice however people are not mentioning this kids as a criminal or a thug AND they are showing total support for him. Maybe if WE ALL did the same thing no matter the race of the cop or the kids things will change. You people are just as wrong as the black protestors in Ferguson for not having signs up for Dillon as well. There should be National demonstrations holding up signs and pictures for both young men. Let’s not hate eachother when this is the time we should be depending on eachother the most.

  • 'ĺisamarie

    in every profession we have good and bad uñfourtanally…but i know many good cops that put there life on the line everyday…we need to have faith in our justice system.for as an american we are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law..we as American need stay unitied and strong

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