Woman in serious condition after crash, owner of parked trailer could face charges

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SYRACUSE, Utah – A woman is in serious condition after a vehicle accident in Syracuse Sunday morning, and police officials said the owner of a camper trailer she collided with may face charges.

Syracuse Police Department officials said the 24-year-old woman crashed into the back of a parked camper trailer while traveling eastbound in the area of 1700 South and 540 West.

The woman was flown to a hospital to be treated for her injuries. Police later identified the victim as Jewel Bagley and said just before 5 p.m. Sunday she was in serious but stable condition.

The trailer sustained an estimated $2,000 in damages. Police officials said they are looking at the possibility of charges against the owner of the camper trailer, as witnesses stated the trailer had been parked along the side of the road for about a week.

There were no other injuries reported in connection with the crash. The camper was empty when the collision occurred.


  • Finny Wiggen

    more details please… such as what logic the police are using to blame a trailer that had been stationary for a week… seems like enough advanced warning for the driver of the car!!

  • Marie Coughlan

    Shouldn’t the car have been driving in the lanes for traffic and not on the shoulder of the road? At least that is how I learned to drive…..guess maybe it has changed? I hope she heals quickly but seriously, you are going to blame the trailer for being parked on the side of the road?

  • Ann-Marie Wirick Campos

    The city may have rules about how long recreational vehicles may be parked on the street. However it was not in the traffic lane so I don’t understand why the owner of the parked camper would face charges when the person driving the car went outside of their lane and ran into the camper on the side of the road.

  • Izzy

    Both should be charged. I am sorry but the driver needs to pay attention to her surroundings. As for the PARKED trailer they should get fined for illegally parking a recreation vehicle and that’s it. The driver was at fault for driving on the shoulder of the road.

  • Mike Alleman

    Just bad reporting! The owner may face charges as most cities have ordinances against parking any vehicle on the street without moving it fairly frequently. Fox News made it sound like the trailer somehow caused the accident. Sorry for her injuries, but what if the trailer had been a person? I think the trailer owner should get an award for stopping a dangerous driver.

    • Keirsten Bagley

      Better watch that mouth Yo. Who’s to say Who’s to blame right now. What does that matter. Jewel is in critical icu condition. My Niece and Nephew can’t recognize Thier Mother. Have sum compatible for Human Life. Can U imagine if that was Your Lil Sis?

  • Tony Spendlove

    Yea I drive by that trailer to and from work every day for a week now. BFD. Nobody had hit it yet. HELLO! Pay attention while you’re driving and quit texting. Ya didn’t see that 30′ long, 9′ tall trailer there? Stay in the lane of travel & you’ll be alright.

  • Kaz Noguera

    the article is a bit misleading! It makes it sound like the camper was at fault when really the driver who hit a parked vehicle is at fault! I’m imagining the charges to be filed will be for parking for a week.

    • Keirsten Bagley

      Yes the article was made within hrs. Possibly misleading. What if this was Your Baby Sis on her death bed. Who cares Who’s to blame. The owner of the trailer wasn’t hurt. Keep Your comments to Yourself.

      • Kaz Noguera

        Your relation to the person who hit a PARKED vehicle doesn’t make it any different and no i will not keep my comment to myself maybe you should keep your comments to yourself or spend you energy doing something productive instead of trying to start drama on a news article

        What if i ran my car through your house it’d be okay because i’d be in hospital right? No, try again

    • Mindy

      Does it really matter who is at fault? Its horrific shehas two young babies and a whole life ahead of her. The article was simply stating that the owner may face charges. When do they ever say the exact charges ..? It could simply be a parking ticket…although that’s highly doubtful..

      • Kaz Walnut

        Yeah it is pretty awful but yes it does matter who is at fault it matters because new agencies should be held accountable for awful reporting and misleading headlines
        It matters because her being a mother and being injured does not change that she was the driver at fault from a legal stand point nor from an insurance

        Everyone is giving her a pass because she has children and she was injured I’m looking at this from a factual place and not emotional. Fact is her actions led to an accident that could have been fatal! an accident that resulted in property damage

        The news article paints it like the RV is at fault for being parked it is not. The RV will be given a citation for illegally parking for a prolonged period of time but the RV did not cause this.

  • Bill

    If the trailer was parked illegally for a week and it is that big of a problem (to the city and or police) why weren’t they ticketed before this happened???
    Hummm not the problem…

  • Colby S.

    Well I’m glad only 1 person was injured. It could have been worse. But everyone saying that its all the drivers fault, you should show some respect you dont know her and she is injured and you are still bashing on her without knowing all the details. Show some respect. How would you feel if you were the driver or it was someone you knew. 👌

  • Chris

    The owner of the trailer could face charges? So how many cops drove by this trailer in the last week? No parking tickets no nothing. So why did this accident even happen then?

  • Lou D.

    I would say if it was parked illegally, then it could be ticketed for that… but certainly not because someone hit it. Looks like it was off the road about as far as it could be and out of the travel lane.

  • Justin

    It’s someone else’s fault that the driver is an idiot? It was “parked”. Even though it was illegal parking she still hit a non moving object. Just another thing wrong with out socitey. Blame someone else because your an idiot who shouldn’t be driving in the first place..

  • John

    That trailer was on a main road about a mile from the police station. Are you telling me that it was not noticed by any police officer during the whole week? I feel for the young lady and her family but, to suggest the owner of the trailer could have charges file is asinine. Maybe a ticket, but, charges, really? Plus that shoulder is pretty wide, you would have to go out of your way and be pretty distracted to leave you lane and hit that trailer.

  • david morton

    i was always told, if you rear end someone, its your fault.. you should of paid more attention.. dumb der-hole.. lol

  • Jim

    Its like when people hit school buses. You missed the 40″ long Bright Yellow Box with Red Flashing likes and a Strobe Light? Really, i wasn’t texting, honest officer.

  • allie

    I think that before you start pointing the blame on someone you should know the whole story. Yes she could have been text or talking on her phone, but if she was having car problems and was pulling over and couldnt stop. You all should all be ashamed of yourselves for judging before knowing. She is someones daughter, loved one and maybe even a mother. How would you feel if people bashed your loved one? Think about that and chock on it!

  • Dave

    Allie & Colby, You are correct in asking people to show a little respect for the driver. But you also need to take into account that this news report is targeting the owner of the trailer. Reporting this in the way they have would in a lot of case turn the public against the owner. Unfortunately the public is not being fooled by the stupid headline. In fact it is having the opposite effect and turning the public against the driver. I think if you point out the driver her self is not asking for charges. The reporter most likely was told the owner would be cited for illegally parking the trailer and asked to move it. This was than reported as brought up on charges, and that is far from accurate. Media loves to stir the pot with poor and false reporting , at the expensive of all the victims. In this case they are both victims, and both have a part in their own situations.

  • Bob

    There may be some trivial parking infraction involved, but you can see the white line in the photo. She wasn’t even in a travel lane. Probably texting or something. Certainly NOT paying attention. This was 100% the driver’s fault.

    Why is it that we required somebody to be “charged” every time some knucklehead gets hurt?

  • Jen

    A lot of you should be ashamed of your selves. This is a terrible news report which is not the driver or the trailor’s fault it is very misleading. None of you KNOW if she was texting or talking on the phone, or if she is having an emergency with the car and couldn’t bring it to a stop soon enough. What I do know if she is a 24 year old MOTHER of TWO!! As of right now neither of her kids can even recognize her! Yes she very well could have been at fault which she will be paying for; for the rest of her life in the injuries she has sustained. This is my cousin and no one knows right now what exactly happened. I do know that society today is unbelievable!! No one needed to post on here bad mouthing her or the trailer owner. It was an ACCIDENT, which I am 99% positive all of you have had and been involved in. What if this was your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin or even your friend? Think before you talk!!

    • allie

      I just want you to know im on your side. And I hope with everythig I have that she can and will pull threw. I almost lost my mama about 5 years ago to an accident. People bashed my dad cause the were bikers. it was one of the hardest things I had to do was watch and know all I could do was pray. They told me thay she wouldnt make it but shes my muse cause she is alive and walking and living a fairly normal life. And I hope your loved one does too. My heart and prayers are with you.

    • Keirsten Bagley

      Thank U Jen! My Niece and Nephew do not recognize Their Own Mother. Jewel is in ICU with a hole cut in Her throat so She can breath. 2 shattered legs 2 collapsed lungs shattered jaw broken ankle and wrist. Who cares Who’s fault it was. The owner of the trailer isn’t layin in their death bed. Y dont U all pray for a Humans Life instead of posting this negative BS. Grow up People have some compassion.

    • Keirsten Bagley

      Prayers is All Jewel needs! U know She is a Tuffy She will pull through. That’s what’s important will U give KONAN a hug from His Lil Sis;)

  • shyra

    I am seriously disgusted with the world I live in and the utter lack of compassion people have for one another these days! None if you know what happened and have no right or reasonto be so cruel! Jen hit it right on the head, everyone of you cold hearted idiots ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!!!! The only thing that should be focused on is sending love light and prayers to this beautiful soul and her family! Stay strong my beautiful friend.

  • Jacque

    Or better yet!!! Perhaps those WONDERFUL Utah drivers ran this lady off the road and into that Trailer that’s been parked there forever

  • Lei

    Can the negative stop? This is a friend and it might be her fault but she has two kids and is on life support. Instead of sending energy to the negative can we sent some possitive that she will be ok.

  • Kaz Noguera

    So the truth is this article heading IS Misleading the woman who was driving not only caused an accident but hit a stationary vehicle making her at fault. Not only did she cause damage to someone’s property but possibly someone’s home.
    If i owned the trailer I would be furious and i would most certainly be going after her insurance to cover the damages to my property AND any medical bills that may be had.

    I’m glad to hear that the woman driving will be okay, that’s great however it does not change the facts whether it was faulty brakes, too high a speed or distracted driving the truth of it is that this accident was caused by the person driving the vehicle that rammed into the back end of someone’s RV.

  • Keirsten Bagley

    Look Everyone. Can We focus on Jewel right now. Who knows and really I don’t care Who’s fault. They can deal with this BS when She comes out that Coma. Sounds bout right to Me. Her Babies need Their Momma.

  • alisha

    WOW I am beside myself on this entire post. None of you people know what happened she could be a diabetic, or epileptic and had a seizure she could have been looking over her shoulder at other traffic it only takes one second hopefully none of you ever have an accident that leaves your family heart broken I would hate to see what people say about you before they even know what happened. Regardless that trailer should not have been parked illegally and that is a lack of respect for all drivers in itself. There should be no reason to call anyone stupid for getting in an accident that’s why they are called accidents. Just in case you are all to stupid to know exactly what the word accident means there is something called a dictionary you could look it up unless you’re also to stupid to know what that is. But I think they made something for people that ignorant it’s called the Internet and obviously you are very familiar with that. Colby concierge the source I pray she recovers and returns home to her babies soon God Bless.

  • Tim

    Keirsten, We are looking for you guys (aunt tim/uncle jody) trying to know what we can do to help. We can’t reach you, but maybe you can find us. We are in Spanish Fork. We love you all. In our thoughts every moment of every day.

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