Wyoming Lottery expected to impact Utah

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EVANSTON, Wyo. -- The Wyoming lottery started Sunday for the first time and it is expected to draw Utahns to border towns.

In the past, people along the Wasatch Front have rushed to Idaho to buy their tickets, but now that could all change.

"I know a lot of people out of Utah who go to Idaho for the lottery, and this is a lot closer. I think it's a great thing," said Brian McClelland of Park City.

The WyoLotto sells Powerball and Mega Millions tickets at more than 400 stores statewide.

Personnel at convenience stores and liquor stores said they are feeling lucky now that the lottery is in place, but there are still a couple of kinks to work out.

"We don't know what to expect," said Evan Perkes, Manager of Cowboy Joe's Liquor Store. "We don't know how to schedule employees. We don't know if we are going to have a lot of people here or very few people. We don't know what to expect. We are hoping it will go over real well."

The retailers said they felt the need to sell tickets to stay competitive, and already there are 14 lotto locations in Evanston.

"Next week it's going to be nuts, Labor Day it's nuts up here anyway, and I think it will catch on in Utah and people will come up," said Cindy Thompson, who is the manager of Kik's Chevron.

Businesses say they don't make much off the lotto sales, but they said customers usually purchase more than just a ticket when they stop in.


  • dave

    lol i can tell you as a financial brokerage agent that the lotto is not a good investment… well i guess it is for the people hosting it.

    ya just dont get a good return on investment :)

    post script
    ill have to figure how they calculate the beta for investments (the beta is a way to tell the level of risk for a investment) and calculate the level of risk for lottos

    • Jon

      Seriously! No kidding, I am glad we have a finance guy here to state the obvious. Typicall people do not invest in the lottery, they play it. Remember its a game and most people it is simply cheap entertaiment.

  • Bob

    Now Wyoming get the benefit of the Stupid Tax.

    Let’s fleece our own half-wits. We could do it without encouraging gambling. Just make gambling legal within 1 mile of the border with any state that has legal gambling. NO ONE would gamble who isn’t already. And we’d rake in tax money from toothless droolers who aren’t bright enough to realize those fancy casinos are built with THEIR MONEY. Everybody wins! (Except the retards.)

    • Lance

      Wow Bob. Judge much? Everyone who Gambles is a “retard” or “half-wit”?! Its a form of entertainment and the fact that the house has an edge is not lost on the patrons of a casino. I’m not sure where the extreme malice towards someone who gambles comes from. I’m sorry your dad gambled your inheritance away, but he probably saw how you turned out and thought “what the heck. Put it all on 7.” The lottery is NOT a good investment. Its a game. People play it and have fun. That is worth their $2 ticket. There is no reason why Utah should miss out on the funds when every state surrounding us has some form of gambling.

  • Timothy Larsen

    Thousands of utahns (Mormons) I know travel to wend over and Idaho for lotto and gambling for something to do, your chances on winning lotto are very unlikely, it states it in writing but it is fun and Utah is missing out on easy revenue, most people that do have the money and food to put on tavel are retired, and eat well. Yes gambling can be an addiction just like alcohol that is sold by state liquor stores and doctors pushing pills, hello when did this become news people.

  • David Gillespie

    We Wyomingites welcome you! You gotta love our combo fireworks/alcohol store right across the border in Evanston!

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