Massive Ice Bucket Challenge honors Utah man, Mitt Romney responds

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SALT LAKE CITY – As the Ice Bucket Challenge continues to spread and raise awareness about ALS across the globe, one Utah family hosted a massive challenge of their own in honor of a loved one battling the disease.

There were 46 people united in a common purpose as they took the Ice Bucket Challenge in honor of Creighton Rider, a Utahn who has ALS—which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Creighton was diagnosed seven years ago, and he said he is glad to see awareness of the illness increasing.

“This kind of a viral promotion of the awareness, as well as fundraising, really is going to do a lot for the cause,” he said.

Creighton’s wife, Lisa, said taking care of her husband has its challenges, but she said there have been blessings as well.

“We’ve just received so much love and support through this whole journey,” she said. “As awful as ALS is, we've seen a lot of silver linings with everybody there to help us.”

Many of those who participated in the challenge also recently completed a 500-mile ride from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas on bicycles, and the group calls themselves the Creighton Riders.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney was among those Creighton challenged, and Romney accepted. Click here for the video of Romney carrying out the challenge with some help from his old running mate, Paul Ryan.

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