Tips from public help police capture Public Enemy No. 1 in Ogden

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28-year-old Charley Sanford

UPDATE: Officials with the Ogden Police Department said Sanford was arrested in Ogden by Unified Police Department personnel sometime around 8:50 p.m. Thursday.

According to information from the Unified Police Department, the man was captured after numerous tips from the public helped police locate the man. Officials said Sanford is being transported to the Weber County Jail Thursday night.

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SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah – The Metro Gang Unit is searching for public enemy No. 1 Charley Louis Sanford.

Officials said the 28-year-old man is a known member of a violent prison gang, a convicted felon and a multistate offender.

He is listed as an escapee from a federal halfway house.

Sanford has prior arrests for assault, aggravated robbery and several drug charges.

He is a Caucasian man who is about 6-feet tall and 185 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair.

Sanford has numerous tattoos including several on his neck, lightning bolts on his left cheek, a swastika on his right cheek and small horns above his eyebrows.

His ear lobes have been gauged.

The Metro Gang Unit would like to speak with you if you have any information on Sanford.

Callers can remain anonymous at (801) 743-7000.

Officials said individuals who provide information leading to the arrest of this public enemy may be eligible for a cash reward.


      • Desert Pete

        This convicted criminal has earned the reputation we judge him by. With a face like that he made it impossible for himself to blend in with decent society. Now that he’s been caught it’s back to prison for him where he belongs.

  • jessica albritton

    The real idiots are the ones that were supposed to have him in the half way house. They should be fired for not watching him. It’s their fault

  • kipp

    He had his debt to society almost paid. He is a good man that chose a bad path, some would say. So dont judge, u have a Charlie in your family. Good luck Charlie

    • dave

      i never did like looking at jail or prison time as paying a debt to society, especially if when they come out they get back to bad decisions

      paying restitution for crimes sounds a lot more like paying a debt to society but it wouldnt surprise me of most hard offenders never do get a job so there checks never get garnished so they stick to crime to pay the bills.

      and your right i also have “charlies” in my family but that dosnt mean in the right situation that i wouldnt be the one to clean a bullet through there heads. but your not wrong its definitely a good idea to extend hope for these people and (well thought out, and safe) actions in there behalf’s. ive got to be a part in waching people turn around so its good to view these people not as lesser people. but i can tell you that if i made choices like these people did than i wouldnt expect any less than a bullet through my scull.

      im just a really big fan of taking responsibility. but i also know that once you start focusing on negative things in life thats what you attract into your life and its way hard to break it.

  • Mick14513

    Do a laser removal of all his tattoos, remove his teeth-bling – then chemically castrate him so no more like him will plague the earth.

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