Man charged with witness intimidation has connections to Shurtleff, Swallow

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Robert Montgomery was already a felon twice over when he hosted two fundraisers for former Utah Attorney General John Swallow.

Now he's accused in federal court of trying to intimidate a witness in an official proceeding.

Montgomery was convicted on a weapons charge in 2003, and on a charge called "Illegal Manufacture of a Telecommunications Device," in 2000.

He and former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff hosted a group of businessmen at Mimi's Cafe in Murray in April, 2012. A short time later, Montgomery hosted another fundraiser at a St. George Golf Course.

The witness intimidation charge has not been directly connected to John Swallow or Mark Shurtleff, but the actions of attorneys and investigators suggest the connections may exist.

For example: The U.S. Attorney's Office for Utah has recused itself, turning the case over to the U.S. Attorney for Colorado. They won't say why, except to say they are recused from any case related to John Swallow.

Also, attorney for Montgomery, Cara Tangaro, tells FOX 13 News the investigator in the Shurtleff, Swallow case gave Montgomery a business card, which he had in his pocket during an initial appearance.

That investigator, Agent Scott Nesbitt of the Utah Department of Public Safety, arrested all four men charged with witness intimidation.

The witness intimidation trial is scheduled to begin on October 20.


  • bob

    Wait…..what? “Illegal Maufacture of a Telecommunications Device”? It’s illegal to make a walkie-talkie?

    I think the legislature has run out of ideas.

    • bob

      He’s obviously in the LDS cult. look at his brigham young beard. All they do in their cult temples is manufacture walkie-talkies, day in and day out. I saw it on the interwebs.

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