Utahns protest in wake of fatal officer-involved shootings

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SALT LAKE CITY – A non-violent protest was held in Salt Lake City Wednesday night, and the rally was held in response to the fatal shootings of Michael Brown and Dillon Taylor.

More than 100 protesters attended Wednesday, and those who participated said the shootings of the two young men were unjustified.

Brown was shot and killed by police in Missouri, and protests and looting have taken place in Ferguson in the wake of that incident.

Taylor was shot and killed by South Salt Lake police.

Fatima Badran was one of those who attended the protest.

“I think people are just fed up,” Badran said. “I think people are tired and we want answers, and we want to know why these things are happening and, can we change this? Can we train our police in a different way? Can they aim to maim and not to kill?”

Taylor’s family members have said the man was unarmed when he was shot. South Salt Lake Police said they will not be releasing the findings of their investigation for several weeks.



    In the Mizzou case.. New evidence shows Michael Brown sustained an injury to the hand from the Police Officers firearm when it discharged while Michael Brown was trying to fight for the Police Officers gun.

    Remind you, this is after Michael Brown knowingly committed strong arm robbery.

    He asked for this just like Dillon Taylor asked for death rather than jail time.

    • Bob

      Exactly. Heaven forbid we look into his actions. I love how the black community has no problem with him assaulting an old lady- that is acceptable in their book. Animals at best.

      They also find it acceptable for him to fight with a cop. Then again according to the blacks in America and their spokesperson- blacks cannot be held accountable for their actions- to do so would be racist. Since in their view blacks never commit crimes.

      My favorite- they claim that in Ferguson 3/4 of the population is black. They claim it is a racist place because the more blacks are ticket, arrested than the whites – that is racism. What they are really saying is- the minority 1/3 should have twice as many arrests as the vast majority of the population- Seriously? These folks are as racist and ignorant as they come. They actually demand that the minorities population should be arrested just because they are not black. So who is the racist here? The black community.

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