Protestors outside SLCPD demand justice for man shot, killed by police officer

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A 20-year-old man shot by a Salt Lake City police officer was laid to rest Monday.

Dillon Taylor was shot and killed outside a 7-Eleven Aug. 12.

While the family grieved, other members of the community gathered in protest outside of the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Throughout the afternoon approximately 30 protestors marched back and forth outside the police department demanding justice for Taylor. Many of those people say they also lost loved ones at the hands of law enforcement.

“Peace is what we really want, we want the shootings to stop, we want something to change and we need it to change now,” said Aaron Swanenberg, a friend of Taylor’s.

Many of these protestors carried signs for their own loved ones.

“I was one of the many people who thought police could do no wrong until they shot my brother, and it was murder,” said Marlee Kanosh.

She is referring to Cory Kanosh, who was shot and killed by a Millard County Sheriff’s Deputy in 2012.

“You can’t turn on the TV without hearing something about the Ferguson shooting, but we’re battling this same fight here at home in Utah,” Kanosh said.

Scott Simons’ daughter Kelly was killed by Utah Law Enforcement in 2013. Both Kanosh and the Simons shootings were deemed justified.

The name, Danielle Willard, was bared across signs as well Monday.

She was shot and killed by West Valley City Police in 2011. That shooting was deemed unjustified.

"The reality is Melissa Kennedy, Danielle's mother, isn't getting any more satisfaction than we are, she is going through hell," Simons said. “This is a uniting thing with the people because the pain unites us and it doesn’t go away.”

Simons, who led the protest, was disappointed more people didn’t attend.

“You know it’s a little discouraging when you see so many people show up for a dog being shot rather than a young man who wasn’t even 21-years-old,”  Simons said.  “You know a person is more important than an animal and this is a tragedy.”

A second rally will be held for Taylor, as well as Mike Brown, from Ferguson, Mo., Wednesday at 7 p.m. outside the Federal Court House on State Street.


  • Mike

    Well the dog didn’t make poor choices that put him in the position to be shot. These people had choices, they didn’t need to be living the life they were. But i do agree the Danielle Willard shooting shouldn’t of happened.

    • Tina

      Do you even know what happened this kid was only shot because he had ear phones in and didn’t realize what was going on he reached down to pull up his pants and was shot and killed!! The officer could have at least shot his leg or something not killing him!!

      • Luke

        Tina your not the sharpest tool in the shed are you. You never shoot to wound if you feel you have to shoot to stop a threat you shoot to do just that.

        Maybe he wasn’t reaching for anything but to pull his pants up, but the fact is he was a wanted felon who reached regardless. Police have a hard and dangerous job and often have only a split second to determine weather or not to use deadly force. sometimes good cops make split second decisions that in hindsight may not have been the correct choice.

        It’s sad that in this day in age we have so many corrupt cops who are power hungry and quick to pull the trigger, that our first instinct is that the police did something wrong.

        I think we need to finish gathering as much off the picture of what happened. We were not there, we don’t know exactly what happened. Let’s not crucify this cop just yet for his actions.

      • bob

        You watch too much TV, Tina. We can debate whether or not he should have fired his gun, but you don’t “shoot to wound.” It doesn’t work that way. If you need to shoot, you aim for the center of mass and hope for the best. There is no such thing as “shoot to wound.”

  • Sarah Allen

    The rallies for Geist (the dog) were well planned and on the weekend. A lot of people have to work on Mondays.
    If you would like more support for this tragic loss, utilize Facebook to tell the story and get more support. Regardless of what the young man may or may not have not done, violence is never the answer.


      Violence is never the answer; however, he was a wanted person on a felony warrant.

      He was on the run from the law.

      He made hand movements to his waist suggesting that he was going for a weapon rather than raise his hands..

      Any normal person would raise their hands when guns are pointed at them, not walk away and reach for their waist,

      He chose his own fate. His facebook posts confirm that. Of him rather dying than going to jail over that felony warrant.

      There is no justice to be found here.

      • Tina

        Bahaha get the facts he may of been wanted but all he did was reach down to pull up his pants!! He had ear phones in! Uncalled for! To shoot to kill instead of shooting him in the leg?? Why??

      • bob

        Tina, a felon who has already publicly stated his intention to die before submitting is assumed to be dangerous. Police officers are not required to wait until THEY are shot. It’s too bad the way it turned out, but life is not nearly as simple as you think it is.

  • Jacob Law

    The reference is to Chief Burbank comment; this isn’t the only rally against police shooting unarmed people. And of course unsubstantiated accusation always work for those misinformed about the all the circumstances, Operative phase “is unarmed” that is the point, a dog is not unarmed it bites and kills many times.
    All sick people standing up for cops that kill unarmed people, just goes you to show you that those at ease in Zion are sicker that the murderous cops, and probably are more to blame!

  • bill

    I didn’t even here about it untill it was on the new if the media would help put out a heads up and maybe do it on a Saturday you might have more support. And use the social media also help us so we can help you. Shame on the media.

  • Tina

    This is awful!! I understand he was going down the wrong path and was wanted. But the cop should have realized the he had ear phones in and was not paying attention he reached down to pull up his pants and the cops automatically shot to kill. Why not shoot him in the leg? HE WAS UNARMED!! I am usually very biased about things like this, but I have young brothers who walk around with ear phones in all the time not listening or having a care in the world. This hits home. Awful!! #justicefordilliontaylor

    • Trish Ramirez

      Even if he WAS carrying a legal gun, or holding a legal gun, the cops shouldn’t have had the right to shoot him to death before assessing the situation and making sure they were dealing with the right person and the right circumstances.

      We have a RIGHT to carry a gun. We have a right hold a gun. We have a right to exist unharassed even if we resemble someone else.

      We are having our rights taken from us bit by bit.

      The cop made the decision that HIS life was more important than Dillon’s. That if someone was going to die, it was going to be Dillon and not him. He looked at Dillon as a hostile threat rather than a free, sovereign citizen of the US. He felt like HE was justified in taking Dillon’s life and would have the legal backing to do so, while Dillon would NOT be justified in protecting himself and would have no legal recourse.

      THIS is what we’ve allowed to happen.

      THIS is why they are rioting and looting in Ferguson.

      In Missouri, a 6′ 4″ teenager was shot in the TOP of the head, EXECUTION STYLE by a cop – this means only one thing – that Mike Brown was ALREADY ON THE GROUND when the lethal shot was fired. He was already down, and shot in the head, without charges, without a citation, without a trial and without a conviction.

      Stealing a cigar is not a capital offense. Carrying a gun is not a capital offense. Running your mouth to a cop is not a capital offense. Burning down an empty building is not a capital offense.

      People are losing their lives because of trigger happy cops and a couple of dollars.

      How would you feel if it was YOUR child?

      Do we really want to be a country where you have to worry that if your child makes a bad choice, a bad choice that doesn’t threaten anyone’s life or health, they are shot to death and the person who takes their life isn’t even PUNISHED??

      That’s where we’re headed.

      Welcome to the USSA.

      Pull your heads out.

      • Bob

        How does a 20-year old man carry a legal handgun Trish? Minimum age by federal law is 21. I don’t have any problem with a police officer who’s goal is to go home to his wife and children alive at the end of his shift. Threaten that goal Trish, try to run over that police officer Trish, and he will respond appropriately.

      • C'MON TRISH

        He wasn’t sovereign citizen, he had a felony warrant.

        He was a wanted citizen.

        You pull your head out.

      • C'MON TRISH

        “Stealing a cigar is not a capital offense. Carrying a gun is not a capital offense. Running your mouth to a cop is not a capital offense. Burning down an empty building is not a capital offense.”

        Stealing cigarettes (strong-arm robbery), carrying a pistol without a CCP, & and burning down a empty building are all felony crimes.

        You support these acts?

        The thing about these shootings is that the suspects were all wanted or had just committed a felony.

        Why do you make yourself look so dumb?

      • bob

        It’s illegal for a felon to own or carry a gun, Trish. And illegal for a 20 year old. But thank you for your support for 2nd Amendment rights. You’re correct, there. Just educate yourself a bit.

  • Trish Ramirez

    Nobody will do anything.
    We will whine and complain and allow the Police State to overtake us.
    We aren’t united enough to stand our ground against oppression and tyranny.
    I would advise people to start packing – do it legal, get your permits, but don’t forget your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
    Or your 1st Amendment right to free speech and assembly.
    No search and seizure without cause.
    Have each other’s backs, because the only thing the police are interested in protecting are the police and the state.

    • Bob

      Act like a decent human being, don’t try running over the police officer when he catches you dealing drugs out of your car and who knows? Keep you nose clean Trish and there’s a better than 50% chance that even you live to tell the tale after your next encounter with the man with the badge.

      • Roland

        As a Parent whom Loves his children …. i would Happily give my Life for mine.i’m thinking when anyone’s child is shot by a professional by mistake the parents should get just one chance with one shot at 600 yards to even the score.(I myself would shoot for the eye ball) One less dirt bag on the streets to make mistakes. This country is run by a bunch of educated Idiots thats why we have many stupid laws. Sad when you make someone a felon now you can’t own a firearm to protect your family and your crime had nothing to do with weapons. I am not a felon but i do know some people that are , they just made some mistakes in life .


      When has any police officers ever performed a search & seizure on your home? umm… never.

      You seriously sound so stupid right now.

      • bob

        Not my home, yet, but they perform unconstitutional searches and seizures on a regular basis. There have been several cases of them bashing down the doors of the WRONG HOUSE, and the cops getting shot by homeowners, and the homeowners being prosecuted for defending themselves against screaming, black-clad, armed intruders in the wee hours. And at least two that I know of in which juries sided with the homeowners, saying “If you break into someone’s house you just might be SHOT. Duh.”

  • wes

    The cop was going to the store because of the report of a person waving a gun in the air. At the same location and the kid should of raised his hand. You put yourself in the police position going to a call with a gun involved and lets see what you do when the person that matches the suspect reaches for his pants. We don’t want to respect the law and sometimes we think we are above the law. It is funny that we start having all these shoots like this when we don’t teach are young teens the respect and how to act in public.

    • Bob

      Not a chance Terry Liberal. The vast people in Salt Lake, by and large, are decent, honest, hard working folks, who aren’t looking for a chance to riot, loot, and destroy. We see no need to dirty the nest we live in.

  • uno

    I never once saw this on tv news. Why isn’t this getting national attention like the Ferguson story. Shame on the news media.

    • bob

      Because the white people aren’t looting and throwing molotov cocktails. And no Democrats are trying to drum up votes from welfare parasites. Jesse Jackson can’t exploit it for “donations.” Obama can’t use it to encourage a race war.

      Lots of reasons.

  • bob

    Anyone else notice that when white people protest a police shooting they DON’T loot the nearby stores, or burn down each others houses?

    Just a thought.

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