Update: Suspect accused of sexually assaulting girl at Sandy Target turns self in

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UPDATE: Sandy authorities have arrested the suspect accused of sexually assaulting a girl at a Target store in Sandy.

Sandy Sgt. Dean Carriger said 47-year-old James Scot Fullmer was arrested Wednesday.

He turned himself in after he learned police were looking for him.

Fullmer is booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on felony forcible sexual abuse charges.

SANDY, Utah - Police are asking the public for help identifying a suspect accused of sexually assaulting a juvenile inside a Target store in Sandy.

Officials said a man approached an underage girl who was shopping with a friend Aug. 7.

Sandy officers said the suspect briefly talked to the girl and then sexually assaulted her.

Police said the suspect left the store in a white pickup truck, possibly a 4-door Dodge 1500.

If you have any information on this incident, Sandy Police said they would like to speak with you at (801) 568-INFO (4636).


  • tortillatubby84

    I’ve read the comments on this story in Facebook… people are calling for this guy’s death, imprisonment, and have already decided guilt. What kind of society do we live in where we make judgment calls before an investigation is even completed? It’s misandry and stupidity, both of which we don’t need in society. FOX should do a news story on the violent comments, the thoughtless judgment, and how truly ugly we can be as a society when it comes to sensitive accusations, as they are in this article.

    • Pat

      What further investigation is needed? I think the situation is pretty straightforward. It is “truly ugly” to read a story of a man sexually harassing a young girl. It’s “ugly” to see that young women are not even safe at their local Target. This is not an accusation, this is a sickening and unfortunate event and we are lucky that it is being taken seriously. I just hope the man gets the punishment he deserves. The ugliness of society comes from the perverts like him and defenders like you.

      • tortillatubby84

        But there’s been no investigation…. it’s a search for a “suspect”. In this country it’s innocent tI’ll proven guilty. Not the other way around. The article doesn’t sat that a video or that witnesses have come forward this is a search for a suspect. Not a convicted criminal. I’m defending our judicial system, not a guilty person. If he’s guilty, throw him in prison, but imagine for a brief moment that this guy didn’t do it…. is it fair to pass judgment and ask for his death? You call him a pervert, how do you know this? Because you read an article about a suspect? Do you know how short sided and unfair that is? If he did in fact do this, put him away, hold him accountable, and make an example out of him. But don’t use one issue to even think that completely overstepping get or do process system is ok, because it isn’t.

    • dave

      your absolutely right tortillatubby. by the way you dont need my validation to be right you were right all along. as for those who continue (despite your great statements about reality) to hang this guy without a trial… well i encourage you to continue to educate them but dont waist to much time doing it some people just arnt ready to pull there heads out yet and some have there heads up so far that they will need a surgery to have them removed. but i have seen some people who comment on fox13 who used to give off the wall comments who now are much more reasonable so some people are ready to make better choices.

      besides if he did do it then you have to take into consideration that he turned him self in, if thats the case then he is doing a better job of pulling his head out than some of the people who post comments we read about.

  • Bob

    O.J. Simpson will be the first to admit that no matter how guilty you are with a little luck and some good attornies you can get away with murder.
    No need for the faux (phony) anxiety TORTILLATUBBY84, I rather suspect that this suspect will probably get his day in court before he gets his wrist slapped.

    • tortillatubby84

      This isn’t a matter of anxiety. This is a matter of an article saying they are searching for a suspect for investigation, and the mob is already calling for their head. You don’t think that’s a bit rash? Instead of these knee jerk reactions we should find out what happened. I’m done with this thread. There is no hope for rational thinking. Just kill the guy appease the mob. Who cares right?

      • Bob

        I rather doubt this suspect, if caught, will be lynched by the “mob”. That would, however, tend to send a strong message to other molesters.

  • Non't

    According to how the legal system in the U.S. operates, Tortillatubby84 is right and subsequently the only person commenting who isn’t communist.

    Also, FOX news is staying classy with advertising in a segment directed at finding a suspect in a sexual assault investigation.

    • Bob

      You can ditch the Communist trash talk NON’T. Looks like the $exual molester has turned himself in. They wouldn’t have arrested and jailed him without some kind of evidence. I’ll leave it up to a jury to decide his innocence or guilt.

      • casey

        Bob you are an Idiot, why don’t you move to Iran since you hillbillies are so hell bent on throwing our constitution away.

      • Bob

        Are you referring to my defense of a child’s constitutional right to walk into a store without being $exually molested? Obviously the police know something you don’t because the suspect got booked into jail. You have a problem with that?

  • Roddie Toney

    The girl or her friend had to file a complaint and is being investigated therefore he is a suspect. My question is why would a grown man stop and talk to an underage girl that he didn’t know. I have been in stores where you see unsupervised children all the time without parents so that would be my first question. If you need to find something go find an associate and if you don’t know what to buy you daughter for occasion ask associate there opinions since chances are they know trend for young ones.

  • Staci

    Tortillatubby84 I agree with you completely. I thank God there is still some intelligent people in this country who value our constitution. Thank you for speaking your mind.

    • tortillatubby84

      Thanks Staci! Again, I’m not saying let the guilty go, but let’s be rational and seek out answers before we send someone to the electric chair.

  • Dave D

    If you notice that video is him leaving store and he doesn’t appear to have purchased anything because he is not carrying any bags like other shoppers,maybe they did not have what he wanted or he had to make a quick exit for some reason.

  • Charlie

    It’s funny to read people comments about how there two sides to this story and this man deserves justice blah blah. You do realize he turned himself in right or did you skip that part out of irrogance? If they didn’t have evidence or proof he wouldn’t be in jail. I have been in this girls same position and words like that kill her inside making her think what she did was wrong. She can easily read all your comments. So instead of supporting the violator support the victim. Think about if this ever happened to your niece your daughter your sister your mother. Would you be so quick to defend the man then? I think not.

    • tortillatubby84

      First if all I don’t know what irrogance is.

      Secondly no one said anything about putting someone’s safety, rights, or interests above anyone else’s. We are talking about constitutional rights. Rights everyone gets in this country.

      The article that was posted originally was a search for a suspect, not a criminal or someone who was already deemed guilty.

      Everyone deserves due process in this country.

      None of the comments here are to diminish the victim, they’re a commentary on how we immediately jump to making someone guilty before all the facts are in.

      To your point, how would you feel if this were your nephew, your son, your brother, your father? Wouldn’t you want a full investigation of the facts?

      Your comment sounds like pure ARROGANCE.

      If this guy did it, let him and the victim have justice. Nothing more.

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