Pit bull recovering after being shot by an arrow, officials say

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IVINS, Utah – Washington County Sheriff’s deputies are still investigating after a pit bull was found shot with an arrow Friday morning.

It’s the third time an animal has been injured with an arrow or dart this year. Now the Humane Society is offering a reward for information.

The deputy found the dog, dubbed the name “Sarge,” wandering on Old Highway 91 with a gaping wound. At first animal control officers thought Sarge had been shot with a gun, but veterinarians confirmed it was an arrow.

Vets also say they think he’d been wandering for close to 10 hours after he was shot.

“It nicked his intestines in three places,” said Ivins Animal Shelter director Aggie Smith. ”And the fascia, that holds your organs together, was torn and part of his pancreas.”

After three hours of surgery, Sarge was placed with a foster family to recover. There’s still a chance of infection, but Ivins resident Betsy Kolb said she was glad to take Sarge in.

“There’s no excuse for leaving a dog out there, or any kind of animal,” Kolb said. “It makes me really angry.”

Sgt. Dave Crouse, spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, said detectives are following up on leads trying to find out, not only who left Sarge in the desert, but whether the arrow shooting was intentional.

“We’re not sure what the intent behind it,” Crouse said. “We’re not going to give much details at this time because it is under investigation.”

The Humane Society of the United States has pledged $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

Kolb said she hopes deputies find them.

“Animals when they’re mistreated, I have no respect for the people who do it,” she said.

Sarge’s veterinary bills have been covered by the Fiends of the Ivins Animal Shelter Foundation. Individuals wishing to help are urged to contribute.

More information can be found here: http://friendsofivinsanimalshelter.com/




  • Steph

    Dogsbite.org is a site dedicated to spreading lies about Pit Bulls and Try and ban them everywhere. The members on their site can constantly be seen saying these dog should die and making events like “global dirt nap day” to ask other members to adopt Pit Bulls from shelters then take them to a vet to get euthenized. There is currently a petition to have them investigated by authorities. If you have had enough of Colleen Lynn and her site dogsbite.org please sign:


  • Suzanne

    Violence against animals is only the beginning for the sick, twisted minds set on hurting others. It is time to make the punishment fit the crime when it comes to animal abuse. A slap on the hand deters nothing. I hope they find the individual(s) responsible for this evil act and I hope they are punished to the full extent of the law! Thank you Betsy Kolb for giving this sweet dog a second chance. You are an angel on earth. And thank you Sgt Crouse for your kindness and compassion and for saving this dog. You are a man of great character.

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