National Moment of Silence held with goal to end police brutality

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SALT LAKE CITY -- There has been unrest, riots, and no shortage of tension in Ferguson, Missouri after the police shooting death of an unarmed black teenager.

Thursday, a nationwide vigil and moment of silence was held to show support for victims of police brutality.

About 50 people donning red arm and wrist bands showed up to Thursday’s National Moment of Silence.

Co-Organizer Alasdair Ekpenyong said: "We're here to say, ‘no more of this.’ That this a pattern that is truly troubling and too familiar."

The pattern he says is police brutality.

"This event with Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last week; Eric Garner in New York City; in Salt Lake City, Dillon Taylor; and in Chicago, Rekia Boyd, and countless more examples,” he said.

At Thursday's vigil were family members of Dillon Taylor, shot and killed Monday by a Salt Lake City police officer. Dillon's brother Jerrail Taylor spoke about the shooting.

"They see all of us walking out, three Hispanics walking out and they cornered us automatically,” he said. “All we did, 7-Eleven cameras will show, walk out with drinks--we get surrounded and my brother gets shot."

As part of the vigil, supporters read poems, sang hymns, and shared their thoughts about what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, here in Utah, and beyond.

Karen Rodriguez said: "It's really important for us, and our generation, everybody to be aware of what is happening in our world because if we don't do anything nobody else will stand up for these people. If we don't put ourselves out there nothing will change."

Molly Barger adds, "We should actually trust these people not to hurt us and protect us but they're actually doing the opposite, and I think that for the people who have been hurt by these events we should just be there and show our respect and show our support."

During Thursday's vigil, FOX 13 News did not see any police officers or campus security guards. Three Salt Lake City officers are on paid administrative leave as the investigation into Taylor's shooting continues.


  • jasmineb64

    Please get the story of Aaron hill out as well. Unnecessary brutality, whether it’s from law enforcement or each, seems to be on the rise. Justice for these young people needs to happen. Police officers are U.S. Citizens as well, which means they are just as accountable for their crimes as any other John working a 9-5. THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

    • jasmineb64

      Below is the link to a clip from the original video of Aaron Hill being unfairly beaten. Hill was lured to a location by a girl who pretended to want to go on a date with him. Once he got there. A young man and 8 of his friends beat Hill brutally. From my understanding the abuser got away with a slap on the wrist, and his entourage has yet to be charged.


    Dillon Taylor, was witnessed waving around an object that fit the description of a gun.

    Witness call the police.

    The police arrive to investigate the firearm call.

    The police see the three individuals and order them to stop.

    Dillon Taylor; Unlike the other two, ignored the police officers (interfering with their investigation) and then reached for his waist (Who knows why but if you have guns pointed at you and are ordered to stop, the last thing ANYONE would do is reach for their waist).

    Dillon Taylor, had a felony arrest warrant

    Dillon Taylor, posted to facebook that he would rather die than be locked up in a cell for the felony warrant.

    Dillon Taylor, chose to act like he had a gun and wave whatever object he had around.

    Dillon Taylor, chose to ignore police officers.

    Dillon Taylor, chose to reach for his waist rather than comply with the officers.

    Dillon Taylor, by his own decisions, is now dead..

    Suicide By Cop.


    So the young african-american boy who was shot in Missouri went for the officers weapon?!

    What did he think was going to happen?

    Everyone who has been shot recently made a decision to escalate an already sensitive situation and now they are dead because of their wrong doing.

    There’s no racism about it.

    You go for a cops gun, expect to get shot. You try to flee in a vehicle while surrounded by officers potentially killing them, expect to get shot. You refuse to stop when a officers, with their guns pointed at you, and you reach for your waist; expect to get shot.

    It’s common sense people. If you have done nothing wrong, comply with the officers until they are done investigating then you’ll be free to leave. If you refuse to comply while they are investigating and you escalate the situation by making a stupid decision, then you’ll probably end up like some of the people in this state that provoked being shot.

  • Christina Apodaca

    i I am writing to all in concern of these police officers that don’t even care about what they have done. I hope with all my heart that they do what is right with this police officer. I really can’t believe that they are taking so long in doing to something to these officer for what they have done. If it comes down to leaving them unpunished the world will not be the same we will have no reason, what so ever to trust any police officers again. If they have the right to shoot and kill anyone they want then anyone should have that right. What makes you any different then any other human in this world to do this and get away with it. Every time one of you Officers gets kill does take you long to bring there killer down.

    • EmmJae

      One less waste of resources!? You didn’t know that kid, but I suppose from his record you could speculate a lot of things about him..he was a kid with his life ahead of him though, we all made mistakes. However from the protests since his death, there are some things you can KNOW about him for sure; that young man was somebody’s son, brother, cousin, friend, and fiance. At the end of the day people are still grieving..and being a nothing but a sack of skin yourself, with nothing to offer, outside your grotesque negativity..why don’t you be the one to offer to ‘not be a drain on resources’?

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