SLC officials work with businesses to build home for homeless

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Salt Lake City is working with local businesses to build a home near Pioneer Park for the homeless.

"We are committed to find housing for our most chronic brothers and sisters who are in that situation where they need a roof over their head," said Scott Howell, Pioneer Park Coalition. "Let me just tell you we are committed to that and we are going to continue to work until we can find a solution."

At a press conference on Tuesday, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, along with the police chief and other groups announced their plans to help the homeless and address crime in the area.

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker said Tuesday the city started noticing a problem about 18 months ago in the Pioneer Park area; the crime rate was keeping people away.

Police have already established a new bureau in the area and relocated about 90 officers for more patrols. Between July 6 and August 7, they made 423 arrests.

The next step in their efforts is to help the homeless in the neighborhood find homes. The city is working with local businesses to build a 150-unit home near the park for the homeless.

"Homelessness will always be here, but the way we treat it and he way we deal with it will be what makes the difference," Howell said.

The new home is still months away from even being a possibility and would be funded in part by federal and city money.


  • Terry Liberal

    Here’s an idea for the police that may be reading this news article. Stop harassing people sleeping outdoors. Stop running names on those that have nowhere else to go.

  • Brian

    If you think for one second that this has to do with the police “harassing” people, you sir must not live/frequent the downtown area. There is not a single place in downtown SLC (500W-500E/300N-600S) that you wont get harassed by the transient population that consumes this city. The police have a duty to the city (which is restricted by the Chief and crappy justice system) to get these people away from harassing the public in public places. Building additional services for these people is the worst idea ive seen on here yet. you wanna help these people, stop catering to them hand and foot, get rid of the shelter, keep the FAMILY ROAD HOME, and maybe other states will stop shipping all of their mentally ill and homeless here. If there is nothing here for them to leach on, they will go somewhere else and leach. All of these Bleeding heart libs around here need to realize, all this “support” does is add to the misery of the city and helps these people continue their leaching and their habits.

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