Owner of dog SLC police shot is calling supporters to public meeting on police training

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SALT LAKE CITY – The owner of Geist, the dog Salt Lake City Police shot and killed, said he plans to visit the Salt Lake City council Tuesday.

Sean Kendall will go to the council to demand they require non-lethal dog encounter training of all city police officers.

Kendall said he believes without that requirement, what happened to his dog will continue to happen to other pets.

Kendall has invited others who feel the same to join him at the meeting at 6 p.m.


  • Desert Pete

    Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank has been very arrogant about this avoidable dog shooting. Probably has been hoping Geist’s owner would just forget it and go away. Hopefully Sean Kendall will keep the pressure on until the arrogant police chief apologizes.

    • John

      So, If they shoot an adult while looking for a child I guess you think that is okay since a child trumps an adult?!?!

    • Desert Pete

      You don’t go into someone’s fenced back yard without a warrant and kill the owner’s dog. Thank goodness there wasn’t a child back there playing with a toy gun. Do you shoot him too?

      • rich

        Let me know when it’s your child that’s missing and they didn’t search every nook and cranny for your child…

      • Desert Pete

        No need for the hysterics Rick. First place I’d start looking if my child was missing is in my own home. That, of course, is where this boy was found.

    • Tim Stout

      Rich: I hope one day the gestapo stops by your yard and takes care of the things that you love. Then, I’ll bet you will have a different attitude.

  • Desert Pete

    People like Rich just don’t get it. Had this dog been running loose on a public street attacking someone it would be different. According to Rich the police could have burst into anyone’s home without a warrant and shot the first person they felt were threatening.

    That just isn’t the way things work in our country Rich.

  • rich

    This was NOT a person… Let me say again, child trumps animal. The police have every right to enter a fenced yard when a missing child is at stake. Minutes count when finding a child is the priority.

    • Desert Pete

      Was it even necessary for the search for this missing child to trump the life of someone’s pet dog? Was there some kind of panic where seconds might mean a life and death difference in the search for a child who had gotten lost? Any chance this child could have gone into someone’s FENCED back yard?
      The answer to each of those questions RICH is NO!!

      • rich

        When there is a child missing there is always urgency to find them. At all cost they should be search for and found. The answers to your “after the fact” questions are all yes.

      • Desert Pete

        The missing 3-year-old boy would have been unable to enter this fenced back yard. He was found later sleeping in his own house about a quarter-mile away.
        When the lawsuit goes to trial I think the jury will be able to clearly see what Officer Brett Olsen already Knows: He screwed up.

  • Candace

    I think this is a very sad situation all around, and I’m glad the owner is making such an effort to push for better training for officers. I agree there had to be a better way to handle this. All the officers I know personally said they would have handled it so different. But I have to express that I don’t think we are all getting the full story, I think we are only getting bits a pieces of it.

  • Erna Gilson

    Sad police in Salt Lake area shoot first ask questions latter ~ this kid was having a rough time they should have talked to him and if need be shoot the gun out of his hand ~ this kid could have grown up to be a productive person if given a chance, there are a lot of Yuri young people out there just like this I pray they get help

  • Cynthia

    Sean I am so sad for you. How could Chief Burbank excuse the shooting of an innocent like Geist. One day I hope you keep up the fight for all of us, Washington Dog Park If there is anything we can do to help let us know. We stand with you. Cynthia & Kim

  • Dan

    Additional training for police officers is a joke. What are they going to learn? There might be a dog inside a fenced yard. Who doesn’t know that? Now tax payers will need to pay for additional training. Officers will be taken off the streets so that they can go to this training. Please, just fire the idiot and move on. Don’t punish every officer based on the actions of one psycho.

    Rich, you’re an idiot. Animal trumps you.

  • wallace baker

    I’m sad to live in a commuinity and a country where a young unarmed homelelss man can be killed by police.And no one blinks an eye.However if you shoot a dog a rallying cry is heard though out the country.And the state offers a settlement and town meetings to qwell public unrest.As not to loose public support.And I thought my generation was messed up.

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