Proposal would allow Utah hunters to take more bobcats

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SALT LAKE CITY – Officials with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are proposing some changes to the rules regarding bobcats during the upcoming hunting and trapping season.

Wildlife biologists track bobcat populations by noting how many young bobcats are taken each year, how many females are taken, how long a trap is in place before it catches a bobcat and the survival rate of the adult bobcat population.

Mark Hadley of the Division of Wildlife Resources spoke about the most recent findings.

"Bobcat populations are doing really well in the state of Utah,” he said.

Last season the number of bobcats that could be taken was 4,600, and individual hunters could only take three of the animals. This year officials are recommending against an overall cap and want to allow individual hunters to have up to six permits.

Hadley said these measures will increase the number of bobcats taken, but not by as much as some might think.

"There's only X number of people here within the state of Utah that know how to trap and hunt bobcat well enough to have a very high chance of success,” Hadley said.

State officials are taking comment on the issue before a final decision is made. Click here for more information about the changes and for information about submitting your comments.


  • Trish Ramirez

    Why is it necessary to kill everything just because it happens to exist? What kind of thrill can you get from killing a cat? With a trap or gun? What is the purpose of this behavior?

    • Karen Robinson

      I feel the same as you………we kill everything to near extinction! Why? The Creator knows how to care for his creatures better than any human.

  • Desert Pete

    My neighbor has a bobcat that turned out to be an excellent pet. They take a little extra effort to keep but this one is both curious and very affectionate.

    • Karen Robinson

      I believe that wild creatures should remain in wild to mate, raise their families, and just live free; only kept if injured or unable to live in the wild………they deserve to live as they were created.

  • dave

    i think these cats are beautiful and ive never been hunting but im also not agents it. although im a bigger fan of eating what you catch. i also have alot of faith in the fish and game administration. its there job to keep a eye on the population and if they are saying its a good idea to take more of something than its because there are too many and its hard for them to exist do do competition or there enough that means they are sure they are far from extinction.

    also i wish i knew someone who had one as a pet that would be way neat to be able to visit with one. (lol im not much for cats but i want to hug the one in the picture)

    and as for those who ask why could you kill something you think is beautiful, i can answer that by saying i think about these things logically not emotionally. because as much as i want to hug the one in the picture if its hard for them to exist due to competition than hunting makes sense, i can also respect those who like to appreciate these things hanging on there walls (although that idea wigs me out).

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