Children who survived traumatic burns get red carpet treatment

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MILLCREEK CANYON, Utah -- It had all the glitz and glamor of a blockbuster movie premier, but it wasn’t in Hollywood, it was in Millcreek Canyon.

On Sunday night, 38 children who have survived traumatic burns had the chance to walk down the red carpet, dressed like Harry Potter characters, on their way to dinner and a showing of the movie.

The experience was complete with paparazzi, cameras and celebrity style questions.

It’s all part of the 15th annual Camp Nah Nah Mah. The children who participated are between 6 and 12 years old. The five-day-camp includes everything from rock climbing, to horseback riding, to archery to swimming.

"This program is incredibly important, it’s taking kids who have suffered a very traumatic injury and give them the opportunity to spend five days together and learn how to manage those injuries just a little bit better,” Camp Counselor Brad Wiggins said.

Each night, a different Utah fire department cooks dinner for the campers. On Sunday, the meal was courtesy of West Valley City. FOX 13 News' Robert Boyd interviewed the children as they made their way down the red carpet, check out the video above for their interviews.

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  • rgarnett84720

    63 years ago, at the age of 5, I received burns, that left scars over 50% of my body. Doctors knew little about treating burns, compared to now, and there was no such thing as mental health treatments.

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