Protesters to Common Core gather at state School Board meeting, dissapointed with result

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A quick vote ended a long morning of protests and public comment as the State Board of Education voted to request a federal waiver from federal No Child Left Behind mandates.

The vote angered well over a hundred protesters who packed the Board's meeting room beyond capacity and filled the adjacent hallways of the state office of education.

Common Core opponents say the vote is tantamount to solidifying federal control of Utah school curricula. Their argument: the federal government grants the waiver only if Utah agrees to meet national education standards.

On the other side of the debate: the Parent Teacher Association, the Utah Education Association and the Association of School Superintendents agreed with the move.

Without the waiver, Utah would lose about $27 million in federal funds for low-income schools and the state would have to go back to the unpopular demands on school evaluation set forth in the No Child Left Behind act.

Protesters called that a false choice with the federal government using money to force schools to comply with unconstitutional demands.

Prior to the meeting, protesters gathered outside the State Office of Education with signs held up for commuters on 500 South in Salt Lake City. Most of the Protesters wore green shirts saying "No More Common Core."

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  • Desert Pete

    No Child Left Behind – A program to slow down eager fast learners so those who don’t want to study, don’t want to go to school, and don’t have parents willing to help them can will have time to shoot spit wads at the other students.

  • Desert Pete

    U. S. students don’t even rank in the top 20 world wide in math, science, and reading. It’s all part of the dumbing down of America.

  • Disgusted

    Common core is a nightmare. Teachers hate it. Students hate it. I pulled my child from the educational system, and if you are a parent capable of home schooling, I would advise you to do the same.

  • W Shipley

    Parents, opt your child(ren) out of the SAGE test. The test stresses and depresses the kids. If they are bright, it keeps asking them questions that get more and more difficult until they believe they did poorly on the test and are failures. We had reports of kids with head-aches, who were tired, and grouchy, and irritated and depressed after taking the SAGE test this past Spring. Your kids do not have to take the test. It doesn’t affect your child, the teacher or the school if your children don’t test. AIR gets $35 every time your child logs on to take a part of the SAGE test. The only recourse we have as voters and parents is to NOT subject our children to this waste of money and time garbage. All you have to do is write a letter to your school principal letting him/her know that your child will not be participating in practices or testing and they either provide alternative reading, or time to work on regular work, or in some cases, will dismiss your child from school if you’d like so you can treat them to a family “field trip” to the museum or movies, etc. Why subject your children to this? With all the other testing done, this is a waste of time, energy and money, so if we have a chunk of Utah kids opted out, maybe the USOE will actually listen to us!

  • Alyson

    At minute 1:06 the reporter tries to correct Ms. Swasey saying it didn’t start in DC right before he explains it was started by the CCSSO and NGA (funded by Federal and Corporate sponsors, exactly as Christel said) based in DC. Also, the superintendent quoted at the end is mistaken. USOE submitted comments on the drafts but, “All of the standards writing and discussions were sealed by confidentiality agreements, and held in private. [Said Dane Linn, NGA education director at the time.] While Linn says six states sent intensive teacher and staff feedback, committee members weren’t sure what effect their advice had, said Mark Bauerlein, an Emory University professor who sat on a feedback committee. I have no idea how much influence committee members had on final product. Some of the things I advised made their way into the standards. Some of them didn’t. I’m not sure why or how,” he said. He said those who would know were the standards’ lead writers: David Coleman and Susan Pimentel in English, and Jason Zimba, Phil Daro, and William McCallum in math.” –Five People Wrote “State Led” Common Core, Heartlander Magazine

  • Informed Parent

    What wasn’t mentioned in this report was that other states are pulling out of Common Core. Do your research! These standards don’t work for our children. Look up video’s about what Arne Duncan has said about Common Core and how long he wants school days. Do you believe your child belongs to the community or are they YOUR children? Wake up America and do your homework! All the board cares about is federal dollars. They are so out of touch with what teachers and students need it’s not even funny. Even the Washington Post caught on to what is going on with Common Core. The least you can do Fox 13 is do more research on the story. If you need help I have at least 60 pages of documentation on the matter.

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