San Diego Comic-Con sues Salt Lake Comic Con over the words “Comic Con”

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SALT LAKE CITY — Organizers of the nation’s largest “comic con” sued Salt Lake Comic Con, alleging trademark infringement.

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) filed the lawsuit Friday against Dan Farr Productions, which produces Salt Lake Comic Con. The lawsuit accuses Salt Lake Comic Con of attempting to “capitalize on SDCC’s creativity, ingenuity and hard work through the unauthorized use of SDCC’s trademarks to advertise and promote Defendants’ own popular arts convention titled ‘Salt Lake Comic Con.'”

Read the lawsuit filed by San Diego Comic-Con here:


SDCC claims Salt Lake Comic Con is attempting to “suggest, mislead and confuse consumers into believing that the Salt Lake Comic Con convention is associated with, authorized by, endorsed by or sponsored by SDCC.”

In an interview with FOX 13 earlier this week, Salt Lake Comic Con organizers acknowledged the decision to drive a logo’d vehicle to California upset SDCC organizers. It was cited in the lawsuit, claiming it confused people into believing the two comic and pop-culture conventions are linked.

Salt Lake Comic Con was served with a cease and desist last month, demanding they stop using the words “Comic Con.” Salt Lake Comic Con producers told FOX 13 they will not and suggested they had been singled-out because of their upstart success.

San Diego Comic-Con attorneys are asking for unspecified money damages as well as an injunction demanding Salt Lake Comic Con cease using “any combination, reproduction, counterfeit, copy or colorable imitation of the COMIC-CON marks in the marketing, promoting, advertising, offering for sale, or the sale of goods or services.”


  • Kirsten

    I don’t see how these guys have a prayer of winning this. What are they going to do? Sue all the Comic Cons around the world? They’re just jealous that our con started out huge and has just gotten bigger.

  • Christopher Beebe

    I’m pretty sure that San Diego Comic Con’s lawsuit is only going to prove frivolous, because the term “comic con” is simply short for “comic convention”. And God FORBID if the SDCC wins this lawsuit because that would affect EVERY comic con worldwide.

    • CD

      Not worldwide only in the USA. Trademark and Copyright in the USA do not hold up in any other country unless they file and are granted there as well.

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