LDS missionaries safely relocated after Ebola outbreak

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said its missionaries are now safely relocated, after news of the Ebola virus outbreak.

The missionaries were moved out of Sierra Leone and Liberia and will travel to their new assignments this week.

The LDS Church said the missionaries will be able to call their families once they arrive.

According to the LDS Church, they are all healthy.


    • Bob

      Why the hate Bob? Families who have young men and women on LDS missions in these areas are concerned about their safety.

    • Desert Pete

      Bob and his alter ego, Bob Supporter, are one and the same. Some people work to make this world a better place. Others are like the snail that just leaves a trail of slime.

  • Desert Pete

    Looks like our desire to hear about these missionaries trumps Bob’s desire to censor news he doesn’t like.
    Sorry Bob. If you don’t want to know then don’t read about it.

  • Bob Supporter

    Well, I’m not Bob. Poor guy doesn’t even know me. Just another person who doesn’t think these missionaries “work to make this world a better place.” The opposite in fact.

  • katy b

    Utah was settled by Mormons, and it wasn’t an easy accomplishment, I think their heritage gives them the right to report on “their” news. Sorta like Texans and “their” Alamo. Move out and on if it bothers u.

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