Crews clean up in wake of Rainbow Family Gathering

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NORTHERN UTAH -- After the 8,000 people at the Rainbow Family Gathering packed out of the Uinta National Forest, the group left behind a cleanup crew.

Thousands of pounds of garbage, trampled trails and plants, temporary kitchens, fire pits and slit trenches were all taken care of.

The Forest Service says the Rainbow Family left the 1,300 acres of land they were camping on in great condition. And because of their thorough cleanup, in addition to a lot of rain in the past month, vegetation is growing back better than expected.

“I think it has rebounded quite well with all the vegetation,” said Jeff Schramm, District Ranger Heber Canvas Ranger District. “We've had a lot of moisture in the past weeks, and that’s definitely helped with the recovery of the land and all of the garbage has been picked up.”

Officials with the Forest Service said there is no additional cleanup necessary on the land.


    • Judy Quincy

      ‘”Thousands of pounds of garbage, trampled trails and plants, temporary kitchens, fire pits and slit trenches” necessitated a cleanup crew to remedy.

      So, yes. The “dirty hippies” were there.

      • ha

        I do believe your statement fails. Any large gathering of people will leave a massive mess 90% of people will not clean up after themselves where as the “Dirty” hippies left a crew to do cleaning instead of leaving it the way it was.

      • she

        I see you’ve never attended any big gathering- or at least never worked one, let alone volunteered to help. Garbage, trampling, firepits, etc. is what happens when large numbers of people spend any amount of time anywhere. That is the reason for permits and fees charged to hold a gathering, anytime, anywhere. I guess you just never bothered cleaning up, or you’d have known that. Dirty person yourself.

  • hoz49

    The media was full of paranoia and false rhetoric (lies) concerning the Rainbow Gathering coming to Utah. “Watch out for thieves!” “Dirty, Filthy Hippies Invade Heber!”, “Lock up your wives and daughters!” That is a fact.

    It’s also a fact the comment sections of these articles were inundated with hateful posts from small minded people who do not understand or fear the alternative lifestyle Rainbows have chosen. Trashing the area was a common battle cry among these posters. That’s a fact.

    Now that it has been proven the Rainbows left the camp in as good or better condition than it was before where are the mea culpas?

    Bigots? I don’t know, but hateful, prejudiced and lame straights might apply.

  • Piper

    I was one of the people who attended and worked at the gathering, start to finish. The things I’m reading in the comments here happen every year. So does the cleanup we all read about in the article. The thing I found different about utah was that the “small minded locals” were far friendlier and helpful than any other part of the country. Love, kindness, and acceptance are alive and well in rural utah.

    • Revan

      Lovin’ yall. I’m glad to hear Heber was open and accepting. I am a Utah local that attended the gathering and I felt as though Heber couldn’t be totally closed off to respecting loving people :) I’m glad to hear my feeling manifested :)

    • Desert Pete

      Responsible people clean up after themselves. Those who are less responsible leave a mess for someone else to clean up after they’re gone.

  • Shelly

    Most people that camp anywhere around here leave a huge mess. My husband and I pack out extra garbage every time we go camping from cleaning up after careless people. I applaud the rainbow family for taking care of our mother.

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