Residents raise concerns at community meeting regarding North Salt Lake landslide

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NORTH SALT LAKE -- Residents attended a community meeting Wednesday night to address concerns in the wake of a landslide, and a family who lost everything spoke about the incident.

The Utrilla family's home was destroyed, and at Wednesday's meeting family spokesman David Utrilla said he believes the city is avoiding responsibility and should replace their home.

"Even if they don't have a legal obligation to do that, I believe they have a moral obligation," he said.

Other residents in the area have relocated belongings and are seeking temporary shelter, worried about future damages. FOX 13 News' Gene Kennedy spoke with residents and city officials about the issue Wednesday night, see the video above for his report.


  • Kt

    Why is it the cities moral obligation to replace a home you willingly if not knowingly bought in an area known to have issues in the past and built on and old quarry. And if you didn’t know isn’t it your obligation to get all information about the home it’s location etc. before the final sale papers are signed, I am sorry you lost your home but it is not the cities responsibility or obligation to replace your home.

    • Kevin

      I agree…they bought these properties in hopes that down the road their homes would appreciate in value they should also assume the risk that something like this could happen…now they want the city (i.e taxpayers) to bail them out. Also Michael “death traps” is a ridiculous way to describe the homes built on the mountainsides. Where does the city get it’s revenue?….TAXES…so I guess you think everyone should suffer (pay more in taxes while seeing a reduction in services) because these people took the risk of living on the hillside…again everyone wants the government to take care of them after their investment goes sour….if this landslide did not happen down the road when these people sold their houses for a nice profit they’d be smiling all the way to the bank….
      Also Fox 13’s coverage of this has been in depth with stories everyday since it started….but when the cops shoot a citizens dog under questionable circumstances or have taken someone’s life in what is now a criminal investigation they are no where to be found….they are more concerned about losing their “exclusive” inside track with law enforcement than doing any real investigation into these matters but love when they can point fingers at government officials. They do some of the worst reporting unless they can sensationalize a story and their investigation into stories is usually superficial.

  • Michael Church

    Why KT..because it is people like you who vote policy makers into office who allow land developers and city planners to build homes upon a mountain side, along a major fault line, and on unstable ground on top of everything else. And to tell you the truth, the city, city planners, and land developers need to replace this families home, along with the construction companies who build these death traps. And maybe in the future after the city takes a huge hit in the pocket book from all those involved in this mess, the city planners, land developers and construction company will think twice at placing homes where they do not belong.

    • Cameron

      Why do people like you blame the government for everything… They are adults that made a decision to build a home there and didn’t get insurance to cover a mud slide.

    • bob

      OR, people could be smart enough to know the risks of buying a house in a slide area… People need to stop expecting the government to hold their hand all the time.

  • Richie

    I agree with Mr. Church. You buy a home because you trust the builders and city engineers have done their diligence and said “yes its safe to build here”. They are the ones who approve and provide the permits to build if they don’t want any responsibility then they should of denied the permits and said “NO, its not safe to build here”!! What so confusing about that?

  • Nate

    That’s what homeowners insurance is for, and their company should be stepping in to take care of the entire situation if they are doing their job right and paying their claims like they should. A good reason why you should be knowledgable about your coverages, limits, etc.

    • Nate

      The insurance company can subrogate against the city or whomever at that point if they feel the city is really responsible in any way.

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