Must See: Utah officers chase, Tase man who could be most evasive suspect ever

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WARNING: Video contains graphic language and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion advised.

SALT LAKE CITY – A video recently posted to YouTube shows Utah officers chasing a man who might be the most evasive suspect ever.

In the video posted by Rick Heaps, officers appear to use a Taser on the suspect, Steven Carsello, a few times yet he still gets up and runs after each shock.

Steven J. Carsello

Steven J. Carsello

Carsello ran to a truck nearby, jumped in the back and then tried to negotiate with officers for a few minutes.

When more officers arrived, Carsello apologized and seemed to surrender while climbing out of the truck.

But when he got to the pavement, he crawled underneath the vehicle in one last escape attempt.

Officers said the chase started when Carsello starting fighting with another man near 200 W. and 200 S.

Salt Lake City Police said Carsello removed an antenna from a parked car and started chasing the other unnamed man around a parking lot.

According to officers, several witnesses tried to intervene until Carsello threatened them with a broken bottle.

Carsello then fought with officers and that is when they Tased him.

Carsello could now face charges for aggravated assault/criminal mischief and resisting arrest.


  • Bob

    It has a happy ending. The jailers have the amazing ability to communicate in a language that even he can understand.

  • Barry

    The Taser did not work because at least one probe did not stick on each shot. Both probes have to stick to create the arc that causes the desired effect.

  • drew

    Wow… did they really need to taze him? this is where my tax dollars go? With that many officers, tazers are unnecessary…

    • Tim

      Maybe if you ask nicely the city will send you some change to reimburse you….. Can’t make everyone happy I guess.. Seems like the police are damned if they do damned if they don’t. Justifiably shoot someone they say should have tased or sprayed. Tase or spray Someone should have used physical force. Enforce the law, should have looked the other way. Use physical force should have tased them, or just used Kung fu ninja words and talked the misunderstood person down. No matter what though physical injury to a police officer is just part of the job, after all why would we want our officers to make it to retirement that just costs tax money. Oh and them a holes took 20 minutes to show up when my car was broken into, where are the cops when we need them……..

  • Joe

    Funny, it says he fought with officers and thats why they tazed him. From the video, all I see is him talking to the officers.

    • Adam

      “from the video, all I see is him talking to the officers” You have no idea what he had just committed or what the officers suspected what he could do to them or further harm to the public. Your problem is America’s problem that you only watched the video and judged from what what you see and what the media edits for you. Before you judge know ALL of the facts. From your weak response I can only assume you have never been a police officer and never have had to deal with the evil this world has to offer. Their job at the end of the day is to go home to their families. I doubt your job (if you have one) makes you worry that you may not return home to your family. And Yes I’ve been in their shoes I know what they go through. Please educate yourself before making idiotic comments. Thank you.

  • Bill

    This incident was amusing to some, but what I saw was a total tactical failure. 8 officers repeatedly failing to take down a single suspect is a potential tragedy, not a joke. Among other things, this video points up the huge deficiencies inherent in the much-touted Taser approach; had these officers been armed with the old school, so-called inhumane PR-24 or ASP batons their suspect would have been less a danger to himself or others and the confrontation would have ended in a matter of seconds. Absent those options, this individual should have received an immediate hands on approach and had his attitude decisively adjusted until he was through fighting. Every second that he had to burn was one more second that things could have really gone south, and if he had been in a hostage rich environment the results could have been much less amusing and possibly even deadly. Back to the mats, guys.

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