What the land developers have to say after the North Salt Lake landslide

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The full statement from the land developers for Eaglepointe Estates

The full statement from the land developers for Eaglepointe Estates

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah – After the landslide that claimed one home, many are turning to the land developers for answers in North Salt Lake.

Above is the full statement Eaglepointe Estates sent to Fox 13 Tuesday afternoon.

Raw Video: Aerial view of North Salt Lake landslide, house collapse

Update: North Salt Lake residents evacuated after landslide


    • dave

      land slides can happen on many inclines yes even at the bottoms of mountains but how often does it happen. the vast majority of all the mountains around ogden, south ogden and north ogden, have homes up next to them across the whole range and you never hear about those getting land slides. its not a cut and dry thing

      • Randy

        Most of the hillsides in Ogden & SLC areas are on harder ground than in NSL. Read the first paragraph again, even though it seems out of chronological order. The quarry operator conducted reclamation in 1997 and sounds like they continued to use it for the I-15 construction leading up to the 2002 Olympics. Does that sound like a place that’d be stable enough to build homes?!

        NSL isn’t alone, if you live on a hill (I do not) seriously look into landslide insurance.

  • Dave L.

    It’s hilarious some people are surprised this happened. Actually, it’s surprising this doesn’t happen more often. It seems to me Utah municipalities will issue building permits most anywhere to charge a buck. Utah Developers will build most anywhere to make a buck. And Utah home buyers will buy most anywhere to save a buck. Flood plains, sand bars, slip faults, piedmonts, you name it… it’s a freakin’ free-for-all, apparently. We’re building up areas that were totally off limits 10, 20, 30 years ago! Either we have the most shockingly incompetent corps of geologists on the planet or nobody’s listening to them. The only people dumber than the cities, developers, and buyers are those insuring these sites.

  • Andre

    Sunday evening two cranes were removing soil from their. I couldn’t help but notice that they both avoided the slide. Especially since they were at the crest of the slide area.

  • terry farris

    I feel that the people of North salt lake are our of thier minds to ask for donations to help rebuild a home in the same place that the land slide happend. The owners should have had insurance to cover the price of thier own home.

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