Raw Video: Aerial view of North Salt Lake landslide, house collapse

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NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah - At least 27 residents have been evacuated from their homes in North Salt Lake and there is no word on when they will be allowed to return. NSL ariel view D1

A landslide claimed one home near the Eagleridge Tennis Club and at least 3 others are threatened.

Officials said the areas could face more serious issues with more rain expected Tuesday afternoon into the evening.

More: Dozens of homes in North Salt Lake evacuated after landslide

Weather: More rain expected for northern Utah after flooding, landslide


  • Patsy

    Stay out of our mountains.. They are for the wildlife not all of you who think you are so much better because you build on the mountain. I hope they get no insurance on this. It’s earth movement and Insurance does not pay for this.
    I say that’s what you get to bad get real move out of the mountains STUPID

    • Ruth Ann langley

      How mean-spirited and hateful you are these people .probably work many hours a day to buy this house. These people have lost their house and nearly everything they have. What it’s like to lose everything you have
      Five years ago our house
      burned to the ground number 50 years of life. Instead of griping and complaining and being mean and hateful, because they have a little bit more than other people. Go
      help them clean up. Find out what they need but
      give them a hug or love them that’s the way this world should be. Feel a lot better and please try to say good things about
      people meanness is not kindness. We are supposed to love one another.

  • Andre

    I was walking there Sunday night and was surprise to see two cranes at work. Funny how they both left and avoided the slide. Seem suspicious, like they knew.

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