Update: Residents accuse North Salt Lake of negligence after landslide

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NORTH SALT LAKE - Residents in North Salt Lake voiced their opinions Tuesday night after the landslide.

City officials listened to their comments, many quite upset after the recent events.

Some residents even accused the city of negligence in the landslide.

Officials said all but four families returned to their homes.

However, those residents must be ready to go at a moment's notice in case the land start to move again.

At least 27 residents were evacuated Tuesday morning.

One home collapsed near the Eagleridge Tennis Club and others are still threatened.

STATEMENT: Read the full statement from the land developers for Eaglepointe Estates

The LDS church on 351 Loft Lane is available as a shelter as needed.

Officials said the area has been unstable for the last few days and residents were warned about the danger.

No injuries have been reported.

The North Salt Lake area has recently experienced two other landslides.

In 2010, a landslide at 940 Lofty Lane was very close to the area where crews are working now.

Then in October 2012, a home in the Springhill neighborhood was demolished because of ongoing landslide concerns.

The city purchased many of the homes in that area to safely tear them down before a landslide claimed them.

Check back with Fox 13 for the latest updates.


  • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

    Seems to me that both the city and county KNEW of this unstable lanf mass situation and the danger imposed onto the residents should have done something with this about a YEAR ago when the land shifting was first recognized and documented, as reported in the news.
    Sooo…. reason would have it that NO CITIZEN WHAT SO EVER is responsible for ANY out of pocket expenses and needs to be fully compensated for any and all damages related to both monetary loss of property value PLUS complete reimbursemnt for the destroyed homes.

    There is ABSOLUTELY no one else responsible for this disaster but the city and county.

    One year ago when the land mass shift was first detected and documented, construction should have IMMEDIATELY began on hill stabilization with land anchors 50 – 100 feel long, placed either horizontally, angled or vertically to both stabalize and prevent this from happening in the first place.

    You KNOW the geological survey records charted on the land exist at either city or county offices AND their was MORE THAN LIKELY a determination and recommendation that the existing land mass condition at the time have the stabilization work done.

    But WAS it ??? Doesn’t look like it to me.

    I say dig up the geological records from a year ago to see what determinations were made, then hold ALL negligent parties financially responsible for FULL AND COMPLETE repair, replacement and property loss that these trusting citizens deserve. People and families could have very EASILY been killed because of this gross negligence and unprofessional mis-management.


    • Carl Jensen

      I’ll bet the developer knew about the unstable history to. Where is the personal responsibility???????????? I’m tired of these idiots building, or buying, houses in areas that, to those of us with some common sense, should not be built in and then expecting the hard working tax payers to bail them out when something like this happens!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention the politicians that rush out to BUY votes with tax dollars every time something happens where a little personal responsibility would have gone a long way to prevent a big bill. They buy the votes, and political contributions ($$$$), of the developer by giving them the permits to develop these places and then the votes of the “victims” by paying for their losses with our tax dollars.

    • Rebecca Curry

      YOU are absolutely right! On everything you said :).They need to find the very beginning of this project and who all was involved. They need to pull the very first ORIGINAL Geological survey, there were two, the first one showed that hill unstable and should never be developed. The second survey was botched to hide the results and that one is the one that was bought!! the ones a year or ten years ago will not show what everyone should have seen before they even began building anything up there. FIND the survey, the bad one, then follow the lead to who all was involved. However most are retired and dead by now! This was done many years ago. But finding that truth will enable these people to recoup their total losses. I have read that they all have the same attorney that helped when Ogden Canyon had that slide that damaged homes and killed that woman and her two kids. I pray that justice will be served for those that should be held accountable! And above everything keep this from ever happening to any others. My heart is filled with great empathy for what they are going through. BUT my guess is, those surveys will never be available :( They made sure of that!! I do know of the dirty dealings that went on, I was told by an employee, however they are sworn to secrecy for fear of losing their jobs. the ones involved are no longer there and everything is being swept under the carpet…………..It makes it hard to believe in our justice system.

      • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

        Hi Rebecca –
        No, It’s not too hard to understand as the dirty politicing and palm greasing are all part of a day’s work for all scumbags involved. Then they go on TV with this Whaaaaat look on their face as to what “they’re” going to do then go to dinner at a 5 Star restaurant paid for with the crooked money they “stole” to pay for their meal.

        Now we have a “National / State of emergency” ????? WHAT the HE77 is THAT ??? Sounds to me like they are paving the way for themselves to be “Held Harmless” and everyone else can find their own way.

        I wonder how Gov. Herbert responded to THIS when he heard it….. You just know that the city finally got caught with their pants down and are scrambling for Damage Control. I bet Herbert wants and needs to NOT be a part of this. It’s the CITY’s problem with their corrupt and greedy politics that got ’em in this bind, and you now think that THEY are going to pay restitution for damage done out of THEIR ill begotten pockets full of money ??? I don’t think so …

        Pretty much State of the Union as usual…… If you’re in politics then you steal until it’s all gone… That’s what they do, that’s their job

    • Dr. O

      Tell me, Dr. Geologist, how much land movement is unacceptable before the city prevents Americans from purchasing land? And I want the answer in cubic feet per year. You see? It is a trick. There is likely to be no accurate answer, and so it stands to reason that unless the land movement was extreme, no city official would have prevented someone from purchasing the land. Imagine this situation reversed – the city not allowing rich Americans from purchasing land because the soil movement is apparently unsafe. I imagine you’d be fighting for their rights to choose where they purchase land, in this free nation of ours. People, be logical. For the love of god, be logical.

      • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

        Yes Sir ! Will do. The actual “root” of this article deals with corrupt city practices and the greasing of every palm on the take from the Mayor, lawyers,building dept., and contractors…. all the way down the line.

        And if YOU don’t think that IS absolute truth, then I can’t help you “Doc”. VERY standard practice….

    • Don Johanesen

      I remember the floods in 1983 and the State Street river. I remember all the landslides that spring and summer. I remember the attempts in the Utah legislature to make all landslide vulnerability information prominent in all real estate bills of sale. I also remember every real estate and land developer agency in the state fighting tooth and nail to bury all such information as deeply as it could be buried. These homeowners should be reimbursed BY THE DEVELOPERS WHO BUILT THE HOMES AND THE REAL ESTATE AGENCIES THAT SOLD THEM THE HOMES.

      • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

        I SO completely agree with you. It’s a cryin’ shame that our elected officials are as filthy crooked as they are …

  • Branden Loock

    Get greedy for the highest view on the hill, pay the price when mother nature comes knocking. I have the same feeling when we continue to build into the back country then blame the animals for coming into the yards… Keep encroaching on nature, nature will eventually fight back.

  • Adam

    Greedy NSL politicians and administrators want more tax revenue. Greedy developers want the land. Greedy home buyers want a McMansion and green lawn up on the bench close to downtown. So everyone ignores the quarry below the steep mountain with no real vegetation anchoring the soil. This has happened before in NSL and it will happen again. Best way to avoid it is not buy in the area, but they’ll keep coming.

  • Lee

    Sue the rainmaker that caused the flooding that caused the mudslides that destroyed the house…people are silly…it’s everyone else’s responsibility and has nothing to do with their own personal choices. I have a sinking feeling (pun intended) that this is not the last of the natural disasters that mankind will suffer.

  • Lisa Manning

    I grew up in South Davis, and personally would never have bought in that area knowing that it was a quarry, and sand

  • Melissa

    It is simple. Do not build a house and live on a hill like that. I agree with the.above statement… sue the rainmaker… this is all so silly. The homes are o. a hill that eventually, no matter what is done, will come crashing down. The sokution is simple. Do not live in a huge freaking hill like that. The responsibility goes to, ultimately, the people who chose to live there.

    • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

      Melissa –
      I personally live at the very top of a big ‘ol hill… it just happens to be on solid rock. Duh.

  • Robert Kelley


    • A Citizen for Justice Without Corruption

      Robert – It doesn’t work that way ….The CITY is involved from beginning to end and all points in between. They approve the land for development after being greased by the developer. The CIY OK’s the Geological Survey after being greased by the Geo. Firm, The City Building Dept. greases their palm issuing the build permits, The Survey people grease the CITY to draw the lines, The developer greases the CITY to put up property line walls without a required permit, The developer greases the CITY all the way down the line during the build to overlook some standards and practices related to complete SAFETY in a build in protecting the prospective buyer, the FINAL Building Inspector greases the CITY to fast track the “final” so the home can be sold ASAP. And so on and so on….. Does this help paint what the TRUE building trade relationship is between CITY and DEVELOPER ????

      This is the way it works, this is the way it has ALWAYS worked and this is the way it will work until there is nothing left to build on.


  • grant wilson

    why is this story getting so much attention?? Rain fell and made the dirt move. guess what? Its called nature and it happens everyday. the fact that theres houses on this particular patch of dirt is irrelevant. BREAKING NEWS!!! The sun rose today and made things bright and warm.

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